3 Ever-evolving Elements of Any Membership Organization

Keeping up with industry demands has never been this challenging for membership organizations. Marketing departments go through several strategies to attract new members. Database administrators keep their eyes peeled for new opportunities to improve the system. And members receive seemingly better offers from competitors left and right.

Keeping your membership organization ahead of others is difficult in these times, but far from impossible. Those who manage to set themselves apart accept that there are essential elements in their business that keep on evolving. But what are these elements and how do you change with them?

Acquisition and Retention

The strategy that proved the most successful two years ago might not be so efficient today. It’s detrimental to your organization’s growth to cling to past methods that have outlived their competency.

When dealing with membership management, you need to consider why specific strategies don’t work anymore. It might be that your selling point has become commonplace, or that a competitor sells at a lower fee for a similar value. There’s also the concern that your deliveries don’t meet expectations, either in product quality or delivery time.

Identify what affects your membership management and build better strategies from there. You need to be alert always for these changes so you can establish a method to adapt.

Consumer Behavior


Keeping up with consumers is not only about knowing what sells and when. It’s all about preference, starting from a brand’s marketing approach to payment options.

Conduct regular surveys and studies of trends in your target demographic. If your members are mostly elderly, you need to know how many of them maintain their subscription. Do they still pay through traditional means, or do they use payment apps? You might be surprised to learn that majority if your members are now digitally literate and now prefer the convenience of paying online.

In a matter of one year, though, their preferred payment app might change. You’ll have to make that new option available to give them a seamless experience.

This is especially true with the on-going environmental trend. More and more consumers want to support brands with sustainable products and practices, and it’s your job to stay in stride with their evolving expectations.

Product and Service Value

Proving the value of your products and services is a never-ending battle. With your members receiving offers daily through social media and other outlets, they need you to give them better answers to this question: “What’s in this for me?”

It all boils down to one basic marketing principle. You don’t sell your product; you sell your solution. If your membership organization assembles journalists from all over the nation, market your efforts to start essential dialogues that deal with responsible journalism.

People want to be part of a cause. Whatever payment and participation they make, they’ll see as an investment. Establish your value and find strategies to maintain its relevance throughout different economic and social climates. By managing to achieve that, you manage to confirm the significance of your organization.

Adaptability is key to your organizations’ success. It’s crucial to develop a mindset that change is inevitable, and the challenge to keep up with technology, consumer behavior, and competitors will always be there. When you’re prepared to meet those challenges head-on, you improve your chances of success.

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