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5 Workable Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your Fireplace

A fireplace offers the luxury of warming your home using renewable fuel. Understand that a fireplace can waste a lot of energy depending on the type you are using. It can still be an outlet of warm air and an inlet of cold air when it is not in use. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to avoid energy wastage as well as improve the overall performance of your fireplace. This article highlights some of those measures.

Install a Damper

A damper keeps warm inside air from escaping the house and cold outside air from entering. It also helps keep unwanted debris and vermin from entering the chimney. It pays to consider what would work best for you between a throat damper and top sealing damper. If you are keen to keep pests out, a top sealing damper would be a good investment. For best results, be careful to install your damper right. In case you already have one, ensure that it is in good shape.

Sweep Your Chimney

A fire would only burn properly if there is sufficient air. If your fireplace is taking longer to ignite, it is proof of obstacles in the chimney. Some of these obstacles include debris, animals, animal nests, and leaves. If there are large animal nests or a big accumulation of debris, you need to sweep your chimney. In addition to blocking flues entirely, large nests and debris deposits can mean smoke and carbon monoxide dispersing back into the house. For comprehensive, sweeping services, it is advisable to work with a reliable commercial masonry contractor in Connecticut.

Invest in Glass Doors

Installing glass doors helps section off your fireplace from the rest of your room. This makes heating your room effortless. Glass doors also minimize the amount of air escaping into the chimney. In case you have kids or pets that are likely to wander close to the fireplace, glass doors make an outstanding safety feature. It is advisable to buy glass doors with a screen for a wood burning fireplace. Such meshes help prevent embers from flying into your house whenever you open the doors.

Install a Fireback

A fireback is a cast iron plate installed at the back of a fireplace. It works by absorbing the heat produced and then radiating it back into your room. This ensures that you do not lose too much heat. It also protects your back wall against fire damage. You should install the right type of fireback to enjoy the benefits it offers. It is also essential to choose one that complements the interior décor of your home.

Use the Right Type of Wood

stack of wood near fireplaceIn case you would be burning real wood, it has to be completely dry. This is because green wood leaves a resin coat in your chimney due to the excessive smoke it produces. Such a coat reduces the efficiency of your chimney. If you prefer hardwood, you should know that it takes longer to dry. Be careful to protect your wood from dew, snow, and rain.

It is important to inspect your fireplace at least once per year. Inspections ensure that the fireplace is working at optimal efficiency. They also help catch problems early to avoid inconveniences and unplanned for expenses. It is advisable to hire experts for inspections.

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