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Are You Up for the Van Life Challenge?

The van life movement has now ruled over social media with dreamy photos of people leaving their homes to travel the world inside their van. And while these images don’t fall short on beautiful terrains and unusual sites, not everyone can live that kind of life.

So, before you start looking for used Mercedes Sprinters in Idaho to transform into your mobile home, here are a few questions you should ask yourself first.

1. Do you feel like staying at home a lot?

Your van will become your new “home” as soon as you decide to take the van life journey. But this will surely be a different kind of home than what you are used to. Are you sure you are comfortable with that?

You have to take note that there will be times when you will not have any idea where you’ll be spending the night. So, if you think you can quickly adapt to new places, then the van life may suit you just well. Also, if you like spending time outdoors rather than in the comfort of your home, then you’ll thrive living in your van. However, you should also expect that you’ll be at the mercy of the weather throughout your journey.

2. Do you feel comfortable with dirt?

Contrary to what most people believe, not all van lifers live a hippie lifestyle. They still manage to find ways to maintain their hygiene even when they’re on the road.

It actually depends on where you’re traveling in the world as well as what you’re doing. There are countries such as Australia with hundreds of community showers and toilets that you can use for free. However, there are also countries where you won’t see any for days.

furniture being loaded up in van

3. Are you willing to live in such a small space?

Living in a van means that you must give up some things so that you can live comfortably inside it. And one of the things that you need to give up is space. Not everyone is comfortable living in such a tight area. But if you’re used to or dreaming of owning a tiny home yourself, then the van life is perfect for you.

Living off the grid will give you just enough space to sleep during the night and hang out whenever you please. It’s the ideal opportunity to explore the world around you while having your own space to sleep in whenever you’re tired.

4, Do you have a pet?

Even van lifers deserve to have someone in their lives, even if they’re pets. However, it’s a lot more complicated than you might expect. The reality is having a dog on the road poses a few challenges. You need to ensure that he’s trustworthy and that he listens to you very well.

Living a van life shouldn’t be too difficult. If you’re up for the challenge and can’t wait to start your adventures on the road, then hurry up and get your Sprinter van, so you can begin your experience.

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