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Buying and Decorating a Black Christmas Tree: A Homeowner’s Guide

Christmas is truly a wonderful time of the year. As the day approaches, homeowners are busy sprucing up the fireplace, living room and hallways with elegant and festive holiday décors and accessories.

When talking about Christmas decorations, households don’t have to stick with the same traditional décor each year. If you’re tired of the classic green pine trees and want to try something new, you could go for a “darker” holiday look.

Enter the black Christmas tree, a holiday décor that became a trend in 2018.

What is a Black Christmas Tree?

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Photo by Michelle Grewe via Flickr Creative Commons

A black artificial Christmas tree is a decoration that provides a modern and sophisticated way to make a statement for the holidays. Black is a dramatic and glamorous color that’s neutral enough to go with any Christmas tree décor style or theme.

You could pair a dark Christmas tree with nearly any color you can imagine, including:

  • White
  • Fuchsia
  • Ivory
  • Pink
  • Navy
  • Gold
  • Silver

What’s more, black Christmas trees aren’t just great during Christmastime. They also make a fine addition to another major event — Halloween.

A couple of weeks before Halloween, take out your modern Christmas tree and design a spooky tree. Decorate the artificial plant with cobwebs, spiders and skulls. If you want a cuter and less creepy Halloween tree, hang sweet treats, such as chocolates and candies, on the tree.

Beyond these holidays, you have the option to use the dark Christmas trees for other occasions. You could, for instance, throw a gothic dinner party for someone who’s into black.

Another idea is to use the tree for viewing parties or as a year-round accessory. Decorate this neutral tree and use it as a décor in your living room. This is ideal for homeowners looking to make their house different from the rest.

One thing’s for sure: this black tree is a keeper.

Where to Buy a Black Christmas Tree

A black artificial Christmas tree isn’t hard to find or purchase. Although there may be more of those classic green trees on the market, there’s no shortage of dark trees in nearly every shape and size imaginable.

You could buy dark pencil trees, pre-lit artificial trees and plain black trees without lights. You can find these options in major stores, including Amazon, Walmart and Home Depot.

How to Decorate a Black Christmas Tree

black tree with ornaments
Photo by Sarah-Rose via Flickr Creative Commons

Once you have the black artificial holiday tree in your living room, the next step is to decorate it. The beauty of a dark tree is that you could transform it however you like. It’s like a blank slate that allows you to be creative with your holiday decorations.

If you need some inspiration, here are design ideas to help you beautify the black Christmas tree in your living room:

Adopt a Monochrome Approach

An obvious decorating strategy is to decorate a dark Christmas tree with white ornaments. This involves hanging white snowflakes, bows, stars and garlands. Finish off the decoration by hanging a white star and surrounding the tree with white Christmas lights. Long story short, put white ornaments to a black tree, period.

If you want to spend less time planning your holiday décor approach and more time admiring your tree and chilling out, the easy-to-execute monochrome theme is for you.

Turn Your Tree into a Tuxedo

Add a touch of class to your black Christmas tree with a tuxedo theme. This is a slight variation to the monochrome approach. A few holiday decorations that will work for this setup are white or glittering snowflakes, jet black Christmas balls, silver garland and white Christmas lights.

Make Your Christmas Tree Look More Sophisticated

The mere presence of a dark holiday tree automatically makes an interior look more refined. You could take this vibe up a notch by hanging the right decoration.

If you want a cool-looking tree with a refined twist, go ahead and hang silver and purple décors. Alternatively, opt for holiday decorations with a gold or silver color. The goal of this theme is to turn an ordinary black artificial Christmas tree into an expensive-looking holiday decoration that’s fit for a mansion.

Give Your Tree a Jeweled Tone

Love sparkling or fancy jewelry? Transform your dark holiday tree into shiny holiday decoration by adding the right ornaments. Beautify your tree by hanging shining and brilliant accessories, such as Christmas bubbles with a mirror finish, silver garlands and glittery poinsettias.

Add Bows on Your Tree

Christmas red velvet bows aren’t just for wrapping boxed presents. They also serve as wonderful holiday accessories for trees. Start by tying red holiday bows on multiple tree branches.

Instead of adding a star or an angel at the top, finish your black Christmas tree with a giant red bow. The combination of the bright, red blows and the dark tree will surely be a showstopper to guests visiting your house.

Hang Unique Ornaments

You can make your black tree stand out by adding non-traditional ornaments. Examples of out-of-the-box decorations include:

  • Miniature Guitar
  • A Peace Symbol
  • Musical Ornaments
  • Miniature Eiffel Tower
  • Venetian Masks

You could even add random ornaments to your tree to showcase your quirky personality.

Think Pink

Another way to make your black Christmas tree look out of this world is to adorn it with hot pink décors. This means choosing to decorate your tree with pink versions of garlands, Christmas baubles, snowflakes, ribbons, wreaths and poinsettias.

The black-and-pink holiday motif may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you like pink in general or are a fan of Nicki Minaj’s outrageous but amazing pink outfits, however, this theme may be what you need to inject life into a Christmas tree.

Go Crazy with Color

Another way to tackle a modern Christmas tree decoration is to use as many colors as possible. After all, black serves as a perfect backdrop for nearly every color out there.

One approach you can take is to create a “rainbow” Christmas tree. Incorporate as many colors of the rainbow as you can into your black holiday tree. Examples include red ribbons, orange angel figurines, yellow Christmas lights, green Christmas balls, blue candles and violet poinsettias.

Alternatively, you could go with specific colors that go well together. A few sample combinations are rust and orange, purple and fuchsia, saffron and yellow and turquoise and aqua.

Bonus Guide: Storing an Artificial Christmas Tree

wrapping something in lights
Source: Pinterest

Once the holiday season is over, you have the option to keep the black Christmas tree in your living room or store it in a safe place. If you want to put away the artificial holiday tree, take note of the following steps:

  1. Remove the ornaments attached to the tree. Carefully take out the balls, poinsettias, figurines and other accessories. Then, store them properly in a purpose-built storage box. If you don’t have one of these boxes, wrap your fragile ornaments with tissue paper or bubble wrap. You could also use packing peanuts for safekeeping.
  2. Untangle the Christmas lights carefully from the tree branches. Before stowing these light fixtures away, check for burned-out bulbs and replace them with new ones. Then, slowly wind the lights onto a reel to prevent them from tangling.
  3. Disassemble the holiday Christmas tree. When disconnecting the branches, start from the top. Then, place each branch carefully on the ground.
  4. Fold the branches and place them in a plastic wrap to avoid damage.
  5. Avoid using the original cardboard box to stow away your artificial holiday tree. Cardboard boxes disintegrate over time. What’s more, they’re prone to mold growth (when exposed to humidity) and pests. Place the dissembled tree in a separate durable box or bag instead.
  6. Store the bag or box in a dry and temperature-controlled location in your house. Ideally, you should put the container in an out-of-the-way location, so that you don’t knock over the disassembled tree by accident.

Make your holiday decorations different this year by getting a black Christmas tree. This tree will surely make whites gleam, vibrant ornaments pop and metallic décors sparkle.

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