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Booming Industry , Arising Issues: Legal Matters When Riding Uber

The concept of carpooling has made a big hit in the transportation industry, not only by making a convenient travel option for commuters, but also for providing a lot of people with a new source of income. On the other hand, as the industry of ridesharing grows, more Uber vehicle services are being involved in road accidents.

As Uber accident cases increase, there are insurances that failed to cover victims’ claims, leaving them empty-handed. But, with the help of legal professionals who specialize in this intricate area of the law, victims can obtain just compensation.

What You Need to Know as the Victim

Uber, one of the major players in the ridesharing industry, ensures that all their drivers are insured by $1 million both in uninsured motorist coverage and liability charges.

The insurance that covers Uber and other rideshare providers like Lyft allows parties who sustained injuries during an accident where they aren’t liable, to receive compensation for the loss of income, medical expenses, and suffering they experienced. To obtain complete compensation, it would be best to hire the services of a skilled Uber accident attorney.

It’s important to be aware of your rights, as it enables you to know when you are qualified to receive compensation. Here are a couple of instances when this is the case:

When you sustain a physical injury in an accident where your Uber driver was at fault, and when you become injured in a ridesharing vehicle, regardless of whether or not the driver is held liable.

It’s vital to note that not only passengers can be claimants of compensation. Uber drivers, third-party drivers, and pedestrians who are hit by a rideshare vehicle can also file claims.

As in the case of the driver, consequences can be financially overwhelming, especially since there are many gaps in the insurance coverage of Uber. A skilled Uber accident lawyer in Los Angeles, California, or wherever you are located will be responsible for ensuring that Uber fulfills all of the obligations it stated and that you’re compensated to the limits of the insurance policies available to you.

Recovering What’s Yours: Damages and Claims

Scales of justiceObtaining compensation by taking a lawsuit through the system of the civil court can be a tedious process. Moreover, figuring out the amount of an acceptable and reasonable injury settlement can be complex.

An experienced lawyer is knowledgeable about how insurance companies work and will have a general idea on the available amount. Additionally, a thorough and objective assessment of the case’s value and the sum considered to be fair compensation can serve as a guide in framing the settlement demand. The severity of the damages also plays a big factor in determining the dollar worth.

Framing your demand involves adding up the economic damages and monetary compensation for the suffering and pain you feel you deserve to receive. After the damages are identified and the potential settlement money available is determined, your Uber accident lawyer will frame the demand and have it formalized in a demand letter.

Some Important Reminders to Take Note Of

Do note that it’s best to leave some room for negotiation, so ask for an amount greater than your goal number. This is because the defendant or the insurance company will always try to negotiate for a lower sum. Lastly, verify if the lawyer you plan to hire has already handled Uber accidents and rideshare insurance in the past.

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