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Business Relocation: A Basic To-do List

Moving to a new home is already stressful, but relocating a business is difficult in an entirely different level. There are too many things at stake. Of course, you don’t want to halt your operations for a long period to prepare for the big move. But, you can’t wait until the last few days of your move either.

How exactly do you plan for business relocation? Well, you’re in luck, because below we’ll supply you with tips on how to be productive when moving your business to another location.

Conduct a thorough financial assessment

According to Andreas Rivera of Business News Daily, it’s important to determine if you are truly ready before a major move. A move is a great opportunity to expand your business, either by achieving better visibility or reaching more customers. However, it’s best that you conduct an evaluation of the market first.

For instance, if you live in Australia, maybe you’re looking into relocating your business from the suburbs to a more bustling urban area in progressive cities like Melbourne, Adelaide, or Sydney. But, you have to identify the status of competition there as well as the demand of the market. Have you analysed the psychographics of your potential customers there? Have you looked into trends employed by other enterprises in your industry?

Moreover, relocation is costly and time-consuming. You have to make sure if the resources you’re investing will bring you high returns in the future.

Create a comprehensive to-do list with a timetable

Plan every step you intend to take. Set schedules and determine which steps to prioritise so you won’t have to compromise your daily operations. Accordingly, some tasks you need to include in your to-do list are purchasing packing materials, doing an inventory of your office items, starting the actual packing of equipment, and hiring a removalist company in Adelaide or wherever you’re planning to relocate.

Avail the services of a removalist

As stated, hiring a moving company or removalist is an essential step. However, you can’t just opt for any service — it’s vital to select an efficient and credible removalist for your business relocation. Remember, the movers will be in charge of transporting your goods so it only makes sense that you want your items to be safe and secure until the unloading and unpacking.

Ask for the recommendations of your friends, colleagues, or other business acquaintances. It’s also indispensable that you obtain moving quotes from different companies so you can make a proper comparison. Lastly, verify details like the insurance policies, as well as the inclusions of a service package.

Contact new suppliers

Of course, you’ll need new suppliers for your new workplace. Find suitable businesses and coordinate with them as soon as you have designed a clear schedule. When you do the inventory, you’re also going to have to let go of items like damaged or old furniture and equipment. It doesn’t make sense to pay for moving such objects so look into suppliers and sellers in your new area of operations. You should also find a new Internet or phone service provider if necessary.

Identify legal regulations, standards, and tax requirements

A new state means new regulations. To ensure your compliance with legal requirements, you have to identify them first. Do your research and if possible, visit the local department or office with which you’ll be registering or updating your business details for your tax reports. To help you make your move legally seamless, it’s beneficial to hire an attorney.

Update your address details

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Needless to say, you have to inform your clients and customers of the move. Update your enterprise’s address details on your website, social media accounts and pages, email letterheads, and business cards.

Moving a business is indeed difficult, but with proper preparation and assistance from experts, you can lessen the stress and inconveniences that come with relocating.

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