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Common Problems with Air Compressors

You have to keep your air compressor and its components in pristine condition to ensure efficiency and long life. Understand that you will need to familiarize yourself with more than the essential workings of such a gadget to maintain it appropriately. If you are unwilling or unable to get training, consider working with a specialist. What mistakes should you avoid when managing your air compressor?

Failure to Clean Intake Vents

If you use your intake vent regularly, you will be putting more pressure on it. If you work in a dusty basement or a sandy environment, you have to clean your intake vents as regularly as possible. This is because dirt in the vents can reduce the functionality of the vent. Debris in the vents might also end up in the tank, which can mean inconveniences and costly repairs down the line. When cleaning vents, be careful not to push dirt and debris into the container.

Ignoring Pressure Loss in Your Piping System

Pressure drop is a common problem in compressed air systems. It is characterized by pressure loss between the machine and the endpoint. If there is a loss above 10 percent during a specific application, you should check the pipes for leaks. Understand that air leaks are not the leading cause of pressure loss. Problems with filters and dryers usually cause pressure loss, too. Unless you are an expert, it is advisable to consult an air compressor dryer and filter specialist for filter and dryer issues.

Mismanaging Condensation

During the cooling process, your system sucks moisture from the air. Droplets usually build up in the interior of your device. This causes issues such as inconsistent air quality, loss of lubrication, and water accumulation in the machine. Water can be dangerous, especially with circuitry. While most air compressors have drains, chances are, they would not work correctly. This is because condensation washes lubrication away, which can cause sludge accumulation near drainage points.

Ignoring Air Compressor Oil

If your compressor uses oil, you have to check it regularly. Different types of machines have different specifications regarding the level of oil to maintain. In most cases, you will have to keep the level as high as possible. Get to know the number of hours your type of gadget can operate without requiring a full oil change. If adding oil into your machine is an option, be careful not to add contaminated oil.

Inspecting the Machine Only

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Most operators make the mistake of limiting inspections to their machines. They only check them for dirt and condensation. While the compressor remains the main component in an air system, it can only operate at optimal efficiency if other parts are, too. If you ignore air leaks in the pipes, for instance, your compressor will have to work harder to compensate. This can mean rapid wear and tear.

Your machine might be working at optimal efficiency. However, if there is pressure wastage, you will suffer the losses that come with a poorly maintained system. It is advisable to evaluate air demand for all departments to avoid oversupplying.

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