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DIY Home Improvements You Can Do While Sheltered in Place

Most local governments and states have already lifted their social distancing regulations. Nonetheless, many people still prefer to spend more time at home for safety and health reasons.

Since this pandemic is likely to drag on for a couple of months more, why not try something productive after securing your funds through a mortgage loan or other means? Check out these five do-able DIY home improvement projects you can try while sheltered in place.

Improve Your Outdoor Space

Working on a beautifully manicured lawn or a cozy patio is something you could spend your free time on during this pandemic. You can add curb appeal on your entrance and facade by trimming bushes and shrubs, power spraying your driveway, or simply cleaning and removing cobwebs on all your windows.

With fall kicking in, you may also start working on your dream fire pit to keep your friends and family warm during chilly barbecue nights. For inexpensive outdoor space improvement, you may spruce up old outdoor furniture to make them look brand new by spray painting them.

Redesign Your Kitchen

An open kitchen layout is trendy nowadays. It feels lonely preparing meals alone while all your friends and family are in the other room. With an open floor design, you can do both. But if it is not within your budget to have your whole kitchen redesigned, you may opt for inexpensive DIY projects to revamp your kitchen.

Swapping out hardware such as the pulls and knobs of your kitchen drawers and cabinets is the easiest DIY you can pull off. It only needs just a single screwdriver and zero skill. This simple project is amazingly a sure game-changer in transforming your kitchen beautifully.

Revamp Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is another area in your house that you can focus on redoing while this outbreak continues. You may do small repairs and touch-ups like replacing the bathroom lighting fixture, or you can go big on your project, such as having your bathtub refinished.

Adding a splashback to your bathroom helps create a beautiful main feature. Select geometric patterns or metallic tiles for a more stylish look. Apart from being inexpensive, it does not need professional expertise in doing this project. You could also do a deep clean of your bathroom by removing all clutters and scrubbing all surfaces.

Repaint the House

Interior Design

Consider repainting a portion or even your entire house as a fun and productive way to spend your free time during this pandemic.

Neutral tones, such as beige or light gray, look great with any furniture. But you can always get creative by mixing and matching loud colors. Before you undergo any repainting project, make sure all your furniture is secured, and surfaces you do not want to be painted are adequately plastered.

Inspect Entire Property

Now that you have so much free time at hand, utilize it to make a thorough inspection around your property for any issues you are unaware of. There might be cracked roof tiles, leaking pipes, and other concerns that need to be addressed as soon as possible. If these things cannot be resolved immediately due to lockdown restrictions, note them down and have it addressed as soon as bans are lifted.

Do-It-Yourself home projects do not have to be expensive. However, if you are thinking of doing a major overhaul, it is probably best to hire experts after securing a means to finance your project.

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