Elements of Successful Township or Master Planned Communities

Townships or master-planned communities are large-scale residential neighborhoods with numerous recreational and commercial amenities, ranging from swimming pools to restaurants. Much has changed in property development — including the elements of successful residential master planning.

If you’re working on a township or master plan project, here are the essential elements you need to remember.


Nature is an essential element of thriving master-planned communities and townships. So, instead of making nature fit around your idea with manicured landscapes, it’s best to let it guide you. Besides, more people are willing to live in communities that are ‘greener’ and sustainable. Before doing any constructions, have a land surveyor check out your project’s area to see how much of the land you can leave open and undeveloped to allow residents to make the vast outdoors an extension of their homes.

It gives them more of the regular amenities common in master plans, giving residents the chance to enjoy more natural amenities such as a working farm and waterfront nature trails.

Train station

Public Transport Connections

Although living in a gated and secured community is a crucial element of any successful master-planned community or township, it should also provide access to public transport connections. That’s because more residents like to live conveniently, allowing them to get to work, school, or any other destination faster. Plus, more people are willing to pay to live in communities conveniently accessible to public transportation, whether it’s a bus station or train station.


Master-planned communities used to provide country club inspired recreational areas and amenities, but that’s about it, resulting in many homeowners getting tired of it. After all, residents don’t want to be a part of a country club. Instead, they want to be part of a community.

That’s why an essential element for any township or master-planned community is having different kinds of amenities catering to each homeowner’s needs — and lots of it. Beyond country club memberships and pristine parks, other essential amenities include swimming pools, water parks, hike and bike trails, gyms, and more.

Safety and Security

Master-planned communities and townships need to have robust safety features and offer a unique feeling of security. That’s why when developing these types of neighborhoods, you need to ensure they’re either gated or patrolled by security 24/7. It’s also ideal that they’d be farther from commercial, cramped, and industrial areas. These factors can ensure maximum safety and security for all residents.

Community Connection

Although many still portray townships or master-planned communities as exclusive development sprawling with mansions and golf courses, residents’ expectations are now changing. Today’s residents want to connect with their neighbors, engage in genuine cultural experiences and know their surroundings’ history. So when tackling master plans, make sure to create a place where residents can feel they genuinely belong to the community. Be mindful of context and consider the site’s location, what surrounds it, and its history.

Most residents now want more from the place they call ‘home’ — and the elements mentioned are among those demands, so if you’re planning on tackling master plans, ensure they have those for a more functional, harmonious, and happy community.

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