Security Measures Homeowners Regret Not Having Sooner

Did you know that at least 66% of all cases of burglary are home invasions? In 2017 alone, at least 3800 burglaries occur daily. That’s at least one in every 23 seconds and one in every 36 homes in the United States alone. The damages are astounding as they reach an average of $4.7 billion worth of property losses.

This year, major American cities are facing a 33% rise in homicides along with the raging pandemic. That’s just one of the many crimes happening around the world. Research has concluded that many factors contribute to the rise of criminal activity.

The main driving force of this scourge is poverty. Crimes are lucrative sources of opportunity for the poor to acquire materials, necessities, and even medicine that they cannot afford by legal means. Other common causes of crimes are drugs, politics, and unemployment.

If you look at it and take it this way, the outside world is genuinely dark and full of terror. And that’s why as a homeowner, one of your priorities should be to make sure that you and your family are safe. Here are some of the tips about security measures that people regret not having sooner.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are effective in deterring crimes not only around your home but extending to the property of your neighbors as well. They are reminders to criminals that their actions are monitored, and there will be leads to them. It could be the direction where they went and the way they look. In other words, security cameras induce psychological mindsets that warn criminals about the danger of being caught.

They prevent various crimes such as vandalism and theft. Did you know that vandalism costs a lot of damage? For starters, a single incident of this crime can take up to $3,400 in damage. Meanwhile, in 2019 alone, there was a high rate of larceny cases in the US. In fact, for every 100,000 of the population, at least 1550 cases of theft occur.

When you install reliable security cameras around your home, you can protect your house from intruders. These let you monitor the entrances and exits of your home, including your yard. You can also see what animals or pests are loitering around your garbage.

Perhaps the best part about having security cameras installed in your home is that you help the community and the police at the same time. It helps make the neighborhood safer because you’re keeping criminals away. And if a crime does happen, your security camera footage can help the police find a way to the perpetrator.

If security cameras are so good, then why aren’t homeowners buying them enough? The thing is, security cameras can be expensive. People also complain about how difficult or inconvenient it is to set them up. Another issue might be a lack of privacy.

But ultimately, it’s best to have it installed in your home for security reasons. It’s even more underscored now that people spend more time studying and working from home. The disadvantages are more and better compared to the penalties. And that’s why you should invest in them.

Build a Fence Around the Property

fence concept

A fence around the property is a great way to enhance security. This automatically keeps intruders and animals out of your home. In addition, it also keeps peddlers and solicitors away. A fence is a great way to protect your home, especially in areas where there are rising crime rates.

In addition, a fence gives you and your family more privacy. With fences, you can have safe gatherings and parties without having your neighbor gawk at you. You can also comfortably sunbathe or swim in the pool without being watched.

Fences are also great for marking the exact boundaries of your home. This way, you don’t run the risk of losing valuable square feet of space to your neighbors. And finally, it’s going to make you and your family safe.

Not all fences are created equal. For example, a vinyl fence is better than a wooden fence because of its durable and stylish material. It needs a minimum amount of maintenance, compared to wooden fences that require a lot of repainting and replacing. Wood can quickly rot and degrade.

Meanwhile, vinyl fences are durable and affordable. The way they’re designed also makes them easier to install around the property. Perhaps one of their best features and selling points is that they were aesthetically appealing. Fences can enhance the appearance of any property depending on its build and design.

This type of fence can last between 20-30 years, depending on the brand and quality. That’s why you should invest in them.

Security cameras and fences are some of the most important things you should never skip as a homeowner. With rising crime rates, the safety of you and your family should be at the top of your priorities. So have them installed and help make your property and your community safer!

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