Homebuyers, the Weather Isn’t the Only Good Thing in Southern California

Gone are the days when many people moving to Orange County were mostly couples who are ready to settle down and families who want to plant their roots somewhere. Lately, the region has been trying to attract the millennial generation to come to the area. Millennials are the crucial element in boosting the economic progress of Orange County, so tech companies and start-ups are starting to consider OC as their base.

Many people are attracted by the promise of reasonable rent rates, the beach atmosphere, incredible weather conditions, exciting restaurants, and thriving nightlife. The region’s career opportunities and educational system have been the selling point for many millennials who want to make the OC their home.

But in the past three years, Southern California builders cite that home construction in the area has gone down by 6 %, largely because new homeowners are looking for more affordable homes and rental rates. Though the numbers may seem worrying, many agents explain that this is normal in Southern California and does not portend a housing bubble in the future.

Now homeowners are looking for better deals, from buying a set of affordable furniture to finding a contractor who will laminate your flooring in Orange County at an affordable rate. If you’re a millennial who needs to figure out which elements of your future home might need fixing and save some money, here is a list for you.

1. Flooring

An apartment already comes with fixed flooring that may or may not look good with the style of home you have in mind. You might encounter pastel-colored tiles when all you want are bohemian colors. Changing the floors can instantly transform the look of a place. If you’re looking to save some money on materials, remember that you can buy imitation hardwood planks, ceramic, and stone tiles without the heavy price tag.

2. Lighting

Lighting is both an aesthetic and functional element in your home. You have to take advantage of natural light, but light fixtures can give your home a certain mood. When the sun sets, you must get your ambient lighting ready to maintain the atmosphere you want in your home. Having a good lighting fixture can help you create a safe and comfortable space while serving as your interior décor.

3. Plants

You can take advantage of the sun when you take care of indoor plants. You can place them in different corners of the room, depending on the amount of sunlight they need, or together in one shelf. Choose plants of various sizes to add life into your space.

4. Furniture

You don’t need to purchase expensive furniture to make a statement. You can repurpose old furniture or support an up and coming local furniture brand to score unique yet timeless items. Well-designed furniture should be comfortable to use. At the same time, it should be a visual treat in your home. Investing in one is a smart way of decorating your apartment while providing yourself with what you need.

Moving to a new place is an adventure, especially if it’s in Southern California. Creating a comfortable space, you can call your own can be liberating for Millennials.

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