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How Much Should You Spend In Utah for Mudjacking Concrete Floors?

The average price of mud jacking or concrete lifting in Salt Lake City and other parts of Utah may cost $914, which is the national average for this year. Homeowners should expect to spend $546 and $1,325 for this project.

Cost of labor and materials will affect the total rate. If the damages only involve minor cracks, you could spend only $400 for hiring a contractor, while resurfacing a concrete foundation may cost an additional $200 at least. If you live in an earthquake-prone area, the cost of adding foundation support will significantly increase the price by up to $3,000 on average.

When Concrete Leveling Is Necessary

The signs of a deteriorating concrete foundation can be unnoticeable sometimes but take action immediately once you see cracks in the concrete slab. If a door or window doesn’t close properly after repairing it, this could be a sign of a damaged foundation as well. However, you shouldn’t resort to concrete leveling right away especially if you used steel beams for your home.

Mudjacking or foam leveling isn’t suitable for a steel-reinforced foundation since it won’t solve the problem completely. You should consult a professional to find out the root cause. A contractor will usually recommend mud jacking for non-load bearing surfaces.

Comparing Foundation Repairs

Most homeowners choose mud jacking to limit their expenses. For instance, leveling a concrete driveway may only cost between $2 and $5 per square foot for the application of cementitious grout. This is at least four times less expensive than the other popular option, which is foam leveling.

Polyurethane foam leveling should be your option if you want a less invasive repair than mud jacking. A contractor will drill holes that are around 5/8 of an inch in the surface. The foam easily expands when applied, so there is no need for more drilling work. On the other hand, mud jacking usually involves creating holes that are at least an inch in diameter.

If you can afford to spend more, foam leveling has a better chance of preventing another problem. It’s a longer-term solution that does not retain moisture when done correctly.

Other Foundation Options

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When mud jacking or foam leveling won’t fix the problem, you could consider adding piers or beams as another option. This is a good solution for a sinking foundation due to poor soil conditions. An average-sized home may need at least eight piers for a complete installation. You should expect to spend from $1,000 to $3,000 for each pier.

Homeowners who plan to sell their home should hire a structural engineer to inspect the foundation before any repairs. This may cost an additional $300 at least, but it’s a worthwhile investment that you might recover upon a resale. You should always look for a professional who specializes in different kinds of home foundation services. At the same time, your chosen company should invest in high-quality materials. While this can increase your expenses, remember that home safety is more important than saving a few hundred dollars.

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