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How to Maintain Your Asphalt in the Winter

The winter season can be pretty harsh on asphalt and even to other construction materials. This is because the cold weather could easily make asphalt crack, which can lead to unwanted accidents and mishaps. Here, we will talk about some guidelines you should follow when it comes to maintenance and asphalt sealing in West Valley City:

Do Not Wait for it to Go Big

When you see a crack on your asphalt, make sure to repair it right away. Avoid putting it off and do not wait for it to become bigger, as this would cause a much bigger problem and will be more difficult to repair.

Asphalt cracks can easily spread, especially when exposed to different elements such as heavy automobiles and equipment. In addition, precipitation can easily affect your asphalt, which can then lead to erosion and immense damage that can go beyond the surface.

Use a Sealant

Make sure to use a sealant during the summer (when it is hot and dry) so your asphalt will not be as prone to damages. You definitely would want to do this when the days are not as moist, as the sealant can take longer to dry up during the rainy or cold seasons. Apply a sealant at least once every two or three years to keep its look and feel. This will also help maintain the foundation of the asphalt, giving it a stronger hold for the years to come.

Keep the Snow Off

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Regularly plow the snow off during winter, as your asphalt can easily crack if exposed to snow for long periods of time. Do not let the snow pile up and always see to it that your asphalt driveway is dry as much as possible.

You cannot control the snowfall, but you definitely can do your best to keep the snow out of your driveway by plowing it off. Additionally, keeping the snow on your asphalt driveway can make the roads prone to accidents, which you would want to avoid at all costs.

Get Rid of All the Debris

See to it that your asphalt driveway is free from all types of debris, such as leaves, standing water, and dirt. Sure, it might be difficult to get rid of these since the road is open to the public 24/7, but doing your best to keep it clean will do a huge difference for the asphalt.

Make sure to keep it clean, especially before the wintertime starts, as debris can easily get stuck in between the crevices, which can result in cracks in the asphalt. If you cannot keep it clean at all times, then hire someone to do the sweeping of the driveway when needed.

Call a professional if you do not have enough time to deal with your asphalt’s upkeep. They would know how to properly clean and maintain your asphalt, making it last longer than expected. Follow the tips above and you would not have to spend a fortune repairing your asphalt driveway!

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