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This Is How You Can Save Space at Home

More and more Americans are switching to smaller homes. They either choose to downsize their homes or buy smaller ones. Buying traditional three-bedroom homes is just not as affordable as it used to be.

With such little space, it is easy to get a cluttered and crowded room. That’s why you have to be more strategic if you want your home to be more space-efficient. If you follow these tips, you can have a spacious room without having to give up that many belongings.

Skip traditional doors

Few people realize this, but traditional doors actually use up a lot of space. When you open the door, the area directly in front of it counts as space for the door. You need the area to be clear to fully open the door. Aside from that, a wide-open door takes up additional space. The area behind it when it is fully open is unused space.

For this reason, modern designs have incorporated doors that take up as little room as possible when it is open. This includes sliding doors traditionally found in Asian designs and folding doors. These hardly take up any space, and they can be incorporated as part of your design. You have two options for these: barn doors and pocket doors. Pocket doors are basically sliding doors hidden inside the walls when opened, allowing for more space for other items.

Bifold doors are something you can consider. These are cheaper and easier to install. Maintenance is also easier for these types of doors. They are also extremely versatile. You can have a larger bifold door that can divide rooms and space.

Incorporate shelves in the design

The best way to have a space-saving home is to add shelves in unused spaces. Shelves are a great way to encourage you and the members of your family to be more organized. It gives them a reason to store places because it is readily available, making the inside look more appealing.

One of the newest trends is turning the space beneath the staircase into shelves. It can be similar to a standing shelf, or you can also turn them into cabinets. You can even get creative by turning the stair steps themselves into hidden drawers and storage areas. Other people convert the entire space beneath into its own room. Since the space is a bit small, it is best for storing items like coats and umbrellas.

Other areas in your home can also benefit from more shelves. For instance, the counters in the kitchen can be converted into drawers for your utensils. Most designers will also suggest getting elevated bed frames. The main reason is that the space below can be used as a storage space, unlike when the frame is close to the ground. A lot of kids’ beds also incorporate shelves in the frames.

Get tuck-in furniture

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When you are shopping for furniture, you can also find items that can increase space at home. Furniture that can be tucked in is the best choice. Imagine a large family table, but the chairs can all fit neatly under the table. This way, you have just enough furniture for your family and potential guests without having the space too crowded.

If you live alone in a small apartment, then foldable furniture is the best way to save space. You can find tables and bed frames that can be folded onto the wall. It has to be raised until it is parallel to the wall, and a screw or lock is there to keep it from falling.

Think multi-functional

Another tip to shopping for furniture is to find ones that serve a dual purpose. Normally, you want to avoid big and bulky furniture for small spaces, but if it is multi-functional, then it is an exception. It maximizes what little space you have because it can be used for several tasks.

A common example of this kind of furniture is couches that turn beds. Some have even been upgraded to have storage space for pillows and blankets. Another is tables or chairs that double as a compartment. As opposed to a regular box, the structure is harder on the inside and has a cushion outside. If you can’t find anything like these, you can always search online for ideas.

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