How to Turn Your Backyard into a Clubhouse

Clubhouse memberships have always been identified with high society and the upper class. With their luxurious facilities that are specially designed to make sure that you are having a good time, clubhouses symbolize the high-end, leisurely lifestyle many aspire to have. However, memberships do not come cheap, and clubhouses are known for their exclusivity. Hence, without a good chunk of money to afford the membership dues, such privileges remain out of reach for many everyday Americans.

However, that does not mean that you cannot enjoy the spirit and atmosphere of a clubhouse right in your own home. If you have a decent-sized backyard, you can build your own personal clubhouse that is for the exclusive use of your family and select friends.

Today, building a backyard clubhouse is possible, thanks to the development of concrete flooring. Here, the floor surface is made of concrete, and a coating is applied to ensure a smooth floor surface that retains the hardness and strength of concrete. This makes it a perfect building block for your backyard clubhouse, especially in the dry desert climate in Utah.

Here is what you can do to get your backyard clubhouse up and running:


With relaxation in mind, the first step is to go about building patio doors where you can place your most comfortable chairs. Concrete flooring provides a smooth, comfortable surface to walk on to ensure that you are not disturbed in your moments of relaxation. For your pleasure, you can also add other amenities on the patio, like a grill for barbecue lunches or nights, or even have a television set up for a movie night. Whether by yourself or in the company of your loved ones, a patio is sure to provide a good setting for a great time.

Pool deck


Of course, what clubhouse would not be complete without a swimming pool. Depending on how much room your backyard allows, your pool may be a deeper, chlorinated swimming pool, or simply a jacuzzi. Use concrete flooring for the pool deck for a clean and polished surface that is smooth, but not slippery, so that your walk into the water is not uncomfortable or dangerous. Lounging here in the privacy of your own home will definitely make you feel like a part of high society.

Play space

Lastly, if you have children, they will surely appreciate having a play area for themselves around the pool and patio. Concrete flooring will make the surface smooth and safe enough for them and prevent any possible scratching or scarring that might arise from rough pavements or rocks on the ground. Putting up a play area is as easy as setting aside one corner for all of the toys, and — knowing kids — they might even take these toys into the pool to play with. You also get to conveniently watch over them from the patio, meaning everyone gets to have their own share of fun without any of the dangers, which is one of the main selling points of a clubhouse in the first place.

As concrete flooring is increasingly becoming more popular and affordable, it is easier now to build your own clubhouse in your backyard. Save on the costly regular membership fees and instead lay back and relax in an area built for you, by you. Truly, there are few better feelings in the world.

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