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Innovative Recruitment Techniques for Supply Chain Staff

Nowadays, organizations are scrambling to get the best talent due to ever-changing technologies, markets, and products. The required skills also evolve fast, and in-house HR teams are struggling to keep up. Those who are not investing in finding the best talent for their company often find themselves lagging behind their competitors even with the right marketing skills and products. One of the departments in which the wrong employees will cost you millions in losses is in your procurement and supply department.

Efficient supply chain recruiters are the best people for staffing this vital department. Unlike in-house HR departments and all-around recruitment agencies, they understand the latest skills among supply chain staff and have access to the best of the best in the field.  They also use innovative recruitment strategies to attract talent since the ones of yesteryear will not work for the generation Z workforce and the millennials who prefer freelancing. The following are some innovative recruitment methods currently used for supply department staffing:

Inclusive Job Advertising

The wording in your job advert is the primary element that determines the type of talent you will attract. You can, for instance, put off an entire group with the wrong word such as older people, ethnic minorities, and women. To avoid this eventuality, recruiters are now using all-inclusive terms rather than those that will offend people or exclude specific populations. Use only sexual orientation, gender, religion, and ability-based terms if relevant to your job application.

Benefiting from the Gig Economy

There are times when you might need staff with a specific skill for your supply department for a short contract. Rather than advertise and go through the whole recruitment process, recruiters are now opting for freelancers for these jobs or tapping into the gig economy as it is at times known. This not only saves you on the money for advertising and interviewing but also supplies one of the best talents available for your task.

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Getting Passive Candidates Interested

Passive candidates are talented employees who are not actively looking for a job now. However, recruiters reach out to them with available offers and benefits for them to consider in the future in case they need to change their careers or companies. This connection is established through various social media platforms. To this end, your company will be the first stop when someone wants to change their company or career.

Virtual Reality

There is no better means to showcase what you are offering to a top talent than giving them a virtual experience of your facility. Recruiters are now using virtual reality to give prospective applicants tours of the facilities that are hiring and the working conditions they can expect. This will pique the interest of an applicant and have them sign up with your company depending on what the VR tour shows.

The recruitment of supply chain staff is currently among the most competitive, with a realization of the essence of this department. You cannot afford to have the hiring of your staff handled by any firm touting as the best in your area. Get a certified and experienced recruitment firm to get the top talent available to work for you with the strategies given above.

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