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Inspire the Fire: Motivate Your Team Members with These 5 Office Decor Ideas

Being in a workplace where there is a good, appealing environment and a refreshing atmosphere plays a huge role in an employee’s mood, creativity, and productivity. You would be surprised to know that an office’s interior design has a great influence on the overall success of your business and your employees’ performance. Yes, the colors of the walls, the plants at the corners, and even the kind of office furniture you bought in Las Vegas have an effect. Learning to decorate your office space properly would make a difference.

Usually, offices with the most productivity are those that are designed within the boundaries of an actual home with a professional business atmosphere and image — all in perfect balance. Offices with bright colors, for instance, bring life and encourage a happier and healthier work environment for employees. The office design should make a great first impression. After all, there is nothing scarier than an awful impression of employees walking out because the office design needs a makeover.

Put the company’s mission statement where it could easily be noticed

Nothing speaks motivation more than your company’s goals and mission enlarged in pictures and letters on a wall or in your common area. Every time you walk around the office to get coffee or to print at the nearest printer, you get a glimpse of the company’s mission, which could somehow give inspiration. It is also good to showcase what your company is standing up for and its purpose. It will also serve as a great reminder for all of them once they start to feel down.

Incorporate your brand colors in the color scheme

variety of color swatches

Choose an appropriate color palette. Try incorporating your brand’s colors so the office space will not only hold consistency on the aesthetic, but also emphasise on what you and your business are all about.

Put (more) mirrors

Mirrors in the office make it look more professional. It could be a game-changer, as it could make it look like there is much more space, more refined, and bigger. This would make your office space be more open, peaceful, and inviting.

Make a color standout in the walls

To make sure the wall gets more attention, but at the same time not too overwhelming for the senses, try painting an accent color with usually duller colors. Paint one portion of the wall with a bright, attention-stealer color and leave the rest of the wall with neutral colors and light.

Allow the team members to personalize their own workspaces

People have different taste when it comes to decorating, so giving employees the freedom to choose what they like to see in their spaces would be encouraging and helpful to them. In this way, they are given the power and freedom to add elements in their workspaces that would keep them motivated on their own.

These office design tricks would not only encourage the best performance in your employees, but would also be extremely reflective of you as the kind of person who truly cares about the company!

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