Developed neighborhood

Living Next to Progress: a Guide to Investing in New Communities

When looking for a new home or place, one should spot signs of progress in a neighbourhood before it gets attention. Doing so enables you to take advantage of prices and demand while they’re still low. Buyers who are looking for land for sale around Geelong, for instance, can take note of local amenities in the area. For families, does the location have childcare and health services? How about transport in the area? These are questions worth asking before buying a property, streamlined by the guide shown below.

Transit System Implementations

An up-and-coming area can be identified if there are plans for implementing transit systems. These means that the neighbourhood will have more access to public roads, making it easier to get from one place to another. Families will find this helpful in bringing their children to school, same as how professionals can get to work in no time. Having transit systems built also means that efforts are made to ease traffic since people are flocking in to take residence in the community.

The Influx of Businesses

As the number of residents grows, so would the demand for basic needs. The presence of big branches or companies in an area means that it is poised for growth. Large businesses do some research and projections on a neighbourhood before moving into it. Shopping establishments in the community show the demand of residents for basic grocery needs in the area.


This is another positive sign of a good neighbourhood since it means that sidewalks and other means of improvement for pedestrians are being made. Public areas where residents and visitors can enjoy recreation count improve walkability. These areas can be parks and reserves, such as Belmont Common, Kardinia Park, and South Barwon Reserve in Geelong’s Armstrong Creek. The benefit of having these parks is that they help sustain the wildlife of the community.

Construction and Development Projects

Developed neighborhood

Perhaps the most visible sign of growth is construction and development projects. This indicates that existing buildings and spaces in the community won’t suffice anymore for newcomers intending to do business or get homes in the area. Construction projects pave the way for new establishments and residences to take root and meet the growing needs of the community. An example is the increase of schools, such as Geelong East Primary, Belmont High, and Deakin University.

In the end, moving to a new place is not a walk in the park. With that in mind, you have to use your critical thinking skills before making a final decision. Otherwise, you might commit mistakes that cost you much time and money. People looking for new homes or new workplaces need to know how to spot the signs of growth in an area. These signs, according to experts, include walkability, construction projects, transit systems, and new business establishments. Taking advantage of these opportunities will allow you to live next to progress, whether you’re a homemaker or a business leader. If you feel uncertain, you can look for more information online.

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