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Looking for Investors? Apply These Marketing Strategies

Potential investors will not be able to find you unless you are easy to find. They will not likewise work with a business that does not have a strategy for customer acquisition, which is something that needs a solid marketing plan.

Below are some tips for your marketing strategy that you might not have thought of when looking for potential investors to help grow your franchise business.

Determine Investors Within Your Specific Industry

Among the largest mistakes that business owners make is trying to hook up with just any investor that can offer them funding. Before rolling out your marketing campaign to entice investors, you have to take ample time profiling prospective investors. Figure out what type of businesses they have already invested in, their investment potential, and where their investments are located.

If you are looking to attract private equity or venture capital firms, determine the key decision-makers so that you can leverage that knowledge once you have gotten their attention. Once you have profiled the most suitable investors for your business, you can begin incorporating this information into your marketing strategy.

Redevelop Your Public Relations Campaign for Maximum Exposure

A great way to achieve this is to make certain that a potent digital marketing plan supports your public relations campaigns. A well thought out and managed content amplification plan developed for generating thousands of likes, re-tweets, referral traffic and shares is a very effective way to ensure that you obtain maximum engagement and reach for your PR campaigns.

Take note that value does not necessarily equal the amount you can spend on your PR campaign, but more with tangible ROI that you can calculate in revenue. In addition, a paid social media ad campaign is crucial, but getting influencers to work with you is just as vital if you are looking for organic reach and traffic.

Make Sure That Your Digital Presence is Reputable

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Once of the most vital aspects of your business’s digital presence or online is your company website. It is typically the first thing that people, like potential investors, look at to gauge your reputation. So, you need to make sure that your site, most particularly the landing page, is easy to navigate, mobile friendly, simple yet appealing, and loads quickly.

Having a fast-loading site is immensely important since load times significantly impact bounce rate, such that even a five-second load time could lead to a whopping 38% bounce rate, which, in turn, results in lost opportunities. Do not forget about social media. Make sure your accounts are updated, you post regularly, and you interact with your followers.

There are also many different tactics you can use in your marketing plan to entice potential investors outside the online universe. For example, attending or hosting your own networking event could result in a meeting and conversation with one of your prospective investors. When you effectively combine traditional and digital aspects of marketing, you increase your chances of attracting investors who help you successfully grow your business.

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