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Making the Most Out of Your Home’s Window Treatments

The window treatment industry underwent significant changes in the mid-90s. Prior to this time, window treatment was mostly functional and only served to control the amount of light entering a room, or as a secondary layer of insulation. Nowadays, treatments are also designed to improve your property’s indoor look. Moreover, parents are more concerned than ever before for the safety of their kids and pets. There have been recent reports of children and small animals injuring themselves when playing with the cords hanging from window treatments.

To address these concerns, there are now different types of custom motorized blinds, shutters, and drapery. The varieties now available guarantee that there is a texture and color that will suit every interior motif while also making it easy to control the amount of light and breeze entering your interiors. Meanwhile, motorization will eliminate the need for dangling cords and other hanging elements used for the opening and closing of your window treatment option. The following are among the control methods you can pick for your window blinds and shutters.

Remote Handsets

These are a classic choice for the control of your automated window treatment. These are not the bulky and old remotes used in the past but rather sleek modern panels that come with LED lights and unique features. Some remote handsets will thus allow the changing of the tint of your shutters and blinds to match the available light in your outdoors, controlling and want filtering indoor light in this way.

Wireless App Controls

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There is a smartphone app for virtually everything nowadays, and the window treatment sector has not been left behind. Wireless app controls allow you to control the opening and closing of your window treatment from your phone, no matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection. Most of these app controls are part of modern smart home technologies that allow the control of various gadgets in your home from anywhere, for indoor comfort and energy efficiency.

Integration for Voice Commands

This is an even cooler method compared to the app technology for the control of your window treatments from any location. Integration for voice commands will allow you to combine your window treatment control with your home’s virtual assistant. You can simply utter some preprogrammed words into your gadget, and your window treatment will comply as programmed.

Smart Self-Adjusting Controls

These use sensors to measure your interior temperature and brightness and compare them to your outdoor weather conditions. Your window treatment is then adjusted to match your desired, predefined temperature and brightness levels. Smart self-adjusting controls are among the most convenient options for controlling your window treatments since they only require setting. You can thus forget about the constant adjusting of your shades, blinds, and draperies after you input your ideal settings.

The above control options will entirely change your window treatments. They are not intended solely for convenience and safety but are also recommended by security experts. Through the constant adjustment of the opening and closing of your window treatments, would-be intruders will assume there is someone in your premises even when it is empty. This will deter break-ins and reduce the need for more costly security measures for your property.

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