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Pandemic Paranoia? Basic Safety Tips to Keep You Calm

COVID-19 has hit the globe hard — people are panicking, economies are on the brink of collapse and hospitals are filled with the sick and dying. However, this pandemic is ultimately just a more virulent type of flu, and staying safe from it is not so complicated.

Get the Right Protection

Face masks are a step in the right direction, but they won’t be enough to protect you from flu-like diseases. COVID-19 can infect you through your eyes, so you’ll need extra protection when you go outside. Doctors and medical workers have turned to use safety goggles, trauma glasses, face shields or any type of eyeglasses that extend their protection to cover the side of the eyes.

A sneeze can send a spray of germs travelling at more than 100 kph, reaching distances of close to 10 metres. A single sneeze can fill a small room and infect everyone inside through their eyes. Add a pair of safety glasses to your face mask if you’re venturing outside. Even the most basic safety glasses will do. Also, you can always use these glasses when you start on your DIY projects while in quarantine.

Keep Yourself Fit

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Most types of flu won’t have detrimental or lasting effects on people who are generally fit. Italy has been hit particularly hard because their population is on the older scale of the spectrum (23 per cent). While age is a significant factor in determining vulnerability, fitness is also a determining factor.

The World Health Organization (WHO) determined that the most vulnerable demographic for COVID-19 are people suffering from hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer and chronic respiratory diseases. Three to four of those conditions can be avoided or somewhat mitigated by maintaining a proper weight. Obesity comes with a host of associated health conditions, and vulnerability to flu is one of them.

Also, smoking or vaping can damage your lungs, making you as vulnerable as people with asthma. Take note that lack of sleep, hunger and exhaustion can lead to a drop in your immune system, leaving you susceptible to infection, too.

Stock for a Month or Two

If anyone told you there would be a shortage of toilet paper a few months ago, you would have just laughed it off. Even if a pandemic isn’t particularly deadly, the accompanying panic makes the situation direr. If people can panic over toilet paper, what more when food stocks run out.

Keep your family safe by maintaining a couple of months’ supply of dry food and water. You can purchase survival rations online or in grocery stores; just make sure to note how long they last. Dry food rations usually last five to ten years. You’ll also need stock up on water (or at least measures to purify or sanitise it) to ensure optimal chances of staying safe and comfortable no matter what happens.

As globalisation makes the world smaller, outbreaks of diseases become harder and harder to control. Take proper precautions and make sure you’re prepared for any type of situation — for any pandemic.

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