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Plumbing Problems that Needs to Be Fixed Right Away

A fully functioning plumbing system is essential for every household. Without it, doing necessary activities and chores around the house would be difficult. That is why it is a homeowner’s responsibility to keep it well-maintained. Take a look at this brief guide to learn more about common plumbing problems that require your immediate attention.

Blocked Drainage Pipes

There are plenty of reasons for a blockage to occur. Sometimes it can happen due to hygiene products that have been flushed down the toilet. If disposed of in this manner, toiletries, such as wet wipes and sanitary pads, get soaked and absorb water. The product then expands and blocks the pipes. To avoid this from happening, throw toiletries into the trash bin instead of flushing it down.

Clumps of hair could also lead to blocked pipes. If it is a small amount of hair, you can usually solve this by yourself. Put on a pair of gloves and pull out the strands. You may also use a drain snake to get the hair out.

Tree roots can also make its way into underground drainage pipes. They end up there in search of water. There are times that roots may crack the pipes, which can lead to leaks and blockages. If there are pipe problems in your home that require professional help, look for plumbing services that provide rooter service in nearby areas like St. George.

Low Water Pressure

The first thing you need to do is check if it affects both cold and hot water. If it does, the aerator is most probably causing the problem. Accumulation of calcium deposits usually causes it. If this is the case, you need to clean out the faucet’s blocked aerator.

Remove the aerator from the spout by unscrewing it with the use of your hands. If this does not work, try using pliers. Before using pliers to unscrew it, remember to put tape or a rag on the aerator to avoid denting its surface. Once it has been successfully removed, clear out all the dirt and debris then screw it back on the spout.

Running Toilet


Lift the tank lid to see what causes the problem. It may be due to a stuck chain, and you may simply adjust it. If that does not work, perhaps it needs to be replaced. A float that is filled with water may also cause the problem. If it can be unscrewed, do so, then shake it. If you hear water splashing around, the float is faulty and has to be changed.

A broken fill valve can also be the culprit. The toilet fill valve controls the water flow into the tank. If it is broken, the valve may shut off inconsistently, which leads to unnecessary refill cycles. If you notice that the ballcock has sunk, the fill valve may be faulty.

Since all members of the family constantly use kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures, it would be helpful to conduct a regular house plumbing inspection. Doing this will enable you to identify and fix problems before it becomes worse. If you feel that the problem is too complicated, do not hesitate to call a plumber. Attempting to repair something without sufficient knowledge and the proper tools can lead to further damage. In the end, it can even be more costly if you need to hire someone to undo your failed project.

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