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Reinforcing Entry Points in Your Home: What Homeowners Should Do

A home’s private environment is vital for many reasons. It’s where families relax and bond together, where people feel safest, and it’s a place to store belongings. But the safety and security of a home don’t start and end at the front door. It’s important to reinforce all entry points, including doors, windows, and pet doors, to keep your home as safe as possible. Here are some things that homeowners should do to strengthen entry points in their homes:

Strong Locks 

One of the best ways to reinforce an entry point in your home is by installing a solid lock. There are many types of locks to choose from, so selecting one best suited for your needs is crucial. Some popular locks include deadbolts, keyless entry, and smart locks.

Deadbolts are one of the most common locks and are very effective at preventing break-ins. They are installed inside the door frame and can be locked or unlocked with a key. Keyless entry locks are another popular option. They allow you to open the door without having to fumble your keys. They typically use a numeric code or a thumbprint scanner to unlock the door. Smart locks are some of the most advanced locking systems available, and you can open them with a smartphone app or by scanning your fingerprint.

No matter which type of lock you choose, it’s vital to ensure that it is installed correctly and compatible with your door frame. It’s also essential to keep your lock in good condition by regularly lubricating it and checking for any signs of wear and tear.

Security Cameras

A security camera installed at home

Another way to reinforce entry points in your home is by installing security cameras. Security cameras can be inside or outside of your home, and they can deter burglars and help you monitor activity around your property. Homeowners can also use them to gather evidence if a break-in does occur.

When choosing a security camera, it’s essential to consider the type of camera, the placement, and the field of view. Many types of security cameras are available on the market, including wired and wireless options.

Placement is critical when installing security cameras. You’ll want to place them in strategic locations around your property so that they have a clear view of all entry points. The field of view is another important consideration. It refers to the camera’s horizontal and vertical angle and will determine how much area the camera can cover.

Motion-Activated Lights

Another way to deter burglars and reinforce entry points in your home is by installing motion-activated lights. These lights will turn on automatically when someone approaches your home, making it more difficult for a burglar to break undetected.

When choosing motion-activated lights, it’s essential to consider the type of light, the wattage, the detection range, and the time delay. The kind of light is one of the most critical factors to consider because you’ll want to ensure that the light is bright enough to deter a burglar.

Wattage refers to the amount of power the light uses, and you’ll want to choose a light with a low wattage so that it doesn’t add to your energy bill. The detection range is the distance at which the light will turn on, and you’ll want to choose a light with a long detection range so that it covers as much area as possible. The time delay is when the light is triggered and when it turns on. A longer delay will give burglars more time to enter your home before they are detected.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are another excellent way to reinforce entry points in your home. You can use them to deter burglars and alert you or the authorities if a break-in does occur. Home security systems typically include sensors around entry points, such as doors and windows.

When choosing an alarm system, it’s essential to consider the type of system, the features, and the monitoring options. Many different types of alarm systems are available on the market, so it’s crucial to select one that best meets your needs. Some alarm systems include text or email alerts, remote access, and two-way voice communication.


If you want better protection for your entry points, you must reinforce them with more robust materials. It is essential for doors and windows because they are burglars’ most common entry points.

You can reinforce your doors by adding a deadbolt lock or replacing the strike plate. The strike plate is the metal plate that the bolt of a door lock fits into, and it is often not as strong as the rest of the door. However, electric door locks might be your best option because they automatically shut the door when you enter the home.

To reinforce your windows, you can install window bars or grilles. Window bars are horizontal or vertical bars placed on the outside of windows, and grilles are mesh panels that fit over windows. You can also install a security film, which is a transparent film that adheres to the glass.

There are many different ways to reinforce entry points in your home. Choosing the right products and installing them correctly can deter burglars and help keep your family safe.

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