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Remodeling: For Added Aesthetics and Market Value

A lot of people use the terms renovation and remodeling interchangeably. However, this is inappropriate and a complete misuse since these two home improvement projects differ greatly from each other.

While both have the objective to enhance the aesthetic and increase the resale value of a house, their costs and impact vary. Renovation is mainly for repairing, restoring, and updating damaged or old areas. On the other hand, remodeling is the total transformation of the appearance or size of a structure or its parts, so it’s typically a more expensive project.

Below, let’s focus more on remodeling ventures that can boost the beauty and monetary value of your home. If you’ve been planning to have some remodeling done on your house, you’re in luck. Note each project’s details to determine which one suits your residential space best.

Add a roof to your patio

A patio is a wonderful spot to relax and unwind. The problem is, during summer, the harsh sunlight may prevent you from even going there. This is where the importance of a durable and visually appealing roof comes in.

Adding a roof to your patio saves you from the hassle of always setting up umbrellas or other temporary items to shield yourself from environmental conditions. A roofed patio also allows you to set up furniture without having to worry about them getting wet if it happens to rain.

If your aim is to beautify and add square footage to your home, which is a great boost in value, it’s best to have your patio enclosed as well as having a heating and insulation system installed.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen

According to real estate experts, a small extension for an outdoor kitchen ranks among the top projects that stimulate an easy and immediate return of construction costs. It’s a lovely place to host outdoor barbecues and small get-togethers.

Prettify Your Walkway

Your interior flooring should not be your sole concern. The paths outside your house also deserve considerable attention. Whether it’s for your garden, patio, or walkway to the porch, a lovely path that complements other elements in the environment is a key to significantly improving the appearance of your property.

There are many options that suit a variety of style preferences. You can opt for concrete sidewalk pavers for a modern look. If your aim is to give off a rustic vibe, reddish bricks will do the trick. If you want a classic appeal, go for a poured concrete set in decorative stones.

Top Your Garage with a Room

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Having a room built on top of your garage is an efficient way to add space without the costs of an extension. Furnish and install essential heating and ventilation systems. If you think you won’t be selling your house until a much farther time, rent out space so you can generate passive income for the meantime.

When doing some remodeling, always check the policies in your state that applies to zone and construction permits. Remember that legal compliance is indispensable in home improvement projects.

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