Stylish Ascent: What to Consider When Choosing Staircase Design

Staircases are purely utilitarian, but you can also harness them to highlight the aesthetic theme of your space. While others nonchalantly pick a design, you must take some time and effort when it comes to it.

The staircase will be a fixture in your home, meaning it is going to be there for a long time. So you might as well pick what works best for your space.

The first thing that you need to keep in mind when picking a staircase design is to never rush. You are not only aiming for a beautiful staircase, but you are also supposed to keep your family’s safety in mind. If you do not know where to start, here are some of the things you may want to keep in mind:

The Available Space

Have you looked at how big your space is? First, you need to be realistic when it comes to your space. The design that you will pick should correspond to the size of your home, knowing that staircases tend to occupy a large area. Of course, it would be illogical to have a grand staircase when you live in a small suburban home, but bear in mind that there are still options that can suit your home, such as spiral and L-shaped designs.

The Material

There are many types of materials that can be utilized for making stairs. For cottage and country type of houses, you can always go for wood. Other contemporary homes choose marble and even concrete. But if you are looking for more industrial appeal, you can work with a custom metal fabrication to make great-looking treads and balustrades. The most important thing here is that the material should be able to carry loads efficiently to avoid untoward incidents.


The People Living In the House

The people living in your home will always use the stairs, so make sure that their needs are accounted for. If you have lots of kids and some elders at home, it would be wise to forgo stair designs with minimal handrails and balustrades. Go full-on with the balustrades, and consider installing a gate. If ever you have an elderly at home using wheelchairs, make sure you have some space for the wheelchair lift. In other words, you have to make the design of your staircase inclusive.

Your Budget

At the bottom of it, you will need to consider your budget. Know that having a staircase designed and built can be pretty expensive, and the overall costs will depend on the type of material and added features. The more complicated the design is, the more the price gets steep. To find the best deal, come up with a list of possible contractors and compare their prices.

Choose wisely

Choosing the best staircase design possible will allow you to make your home much more aesthetically functional. It also helps increase the practical aspect of the space. Think of this as a form of investment, as it will even help you increase the resale value of your home.

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