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The Best Paint Colors for Staging Your Home

When staging your house for sale, among the most vital tasks you need to do is freshen up your walls. Most real estate professionals recommend keeping a home’s color palette neutral by using shades of white.

However, most interior decorators and home stagers usually recommend a more stylish and lively approach. Keep in mind that the main goal of staging your home is to make each space feel inviting, fresh, and neutral enough that potential homebuyers could easily see themselves actually living in your house.

With that said, before calling in a painting contractor, below are some neutral paint colors that will help you stage your house in Salt Lake City better and hopefully sell it faster.

Versatile Greige

The color gray has been considered as the “new white” for a couple of years now. However, the most popular and versatile gray shade is the greige, which is a pale gray shade with beige undertones that basically looks like a pale taupe. It is a cool, subtle hue that could add some depth and complement a room that’s mostly white, and is perfect for small and large spaces.

Rich Charcoal

This dark neutral can instantly boost a room’s style factor and introduce a refreshing feel that complements orange wood and beige shades. It can lend subtle drama to any room and work well in spaces with lots of light or a feature wall, particularly on walls and smaller spaces where you’re looking to highlight existing architectural elements.

Creamy Shades of White

If the walls in your home are already painted some shade of white, opt for creamier whites to refresh your home and make it feel cozier. The thing to remember when picking out a creamy white is that it should have a greige or pale beige undertone, instead of the yellow undertone in cooler whites. This could add warmth and a welcoming feel to stark spaces without having to add any color.

Golden Yellow

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Adding a splash of golden yellow can provide a dash of charm in rooms with a neutral color palette. It is particularly practical, not to mention gorgeous, in spaces without enough light, no architectural elements, or a view because it can lighten the appearance of shadows.

The golden tones will help ease and compensate for that heavy feeling in dark spaces. Find a yellow tone that has a creamy or golden wheat undertone, and that’s not too bright. Additionally, golden yellows can go really well with most pastels, blues, earthy shades, and wooden tones.

Painting your home with the right paint colors prior to putting it on the market could really make a huge difference. It could help you increase your home’s value and sell it faster since it makes your home feel and look fresher and more updated.

As you narrow down your color options, remember to choose a neutral shade that will complement your finishes and furnishings for staging. You wouldn’t want to spend too much money on staging your house, so choose colors that will go well with your existing furnishings.

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