The Services You May See on a Basement Remodeling Estimate Template

The basement serves as a multifunctional space that homeowners can utilize. It is the most flexible space for storage, service, and even guest accommodation needs. Unfortunately, it often ends up as the most neglected feature of the home. Basements in American homes often have poor ventilation, dirty environments, and poorly maintained features. Despite being a great space for various purposes, the basement remains overshadowed in terms of renovations compared to other essential home rooms like the living room and the bedroom. After decades of neglect, it might be time for your basement to get the renovations and improvements it deserves.

Of course, planning and preparations will be necessary for basement improvement. You must approach the project with as much attention and detail as you would in other areas. The process includes getting a basement remodeling estimate template, allowing you to design the area according to your taste and preferences. While you might have a unique purpose for your own basement, you might find some renovation steps are similar to those of other homes. Here are a few basement remodeling estimate template inclusions to consider getting for your improvement project.

Remove Any Dangerous or Large Roots

The basement is often located a floor beneath the living room, placing it closest to the home’s foundation. If you look at a residential property from the outside, you will most likely find small windows called egress windows, which are the primary sources of ventilation for the basement. Unfortunately, it means those entry points are placed on ground level. If you have a lawn, you can reach out of the egress window and touch the grass immediately. Unfortunately, it exposes the basement to lots of garden debris like leaves and grass trimmings. To make matters worse, the basement might also be susceptible to trees, specifically overgrown roots.

Placing trees near the basement is not a good idea. Besides the obvious dangers of tree branches growing into regular windows, the roots might end up stretching out to the basement area. It can be challenging to deal with those roots, as removing them could lead to tree and property damage. However, roots might still find their way to the basement even if you strategically placed them far from the area. Once you notice that small roots are forming out of the soil and into the basement, you must take immediate action.

Hiring a professional arborist might be necessary when dealing with dangerous roots. They can remove them strategically to ensure you can perform your steps in the basement remodeling estimate template without worries. They can also recommend tree removal options, especially if the roots have managed to grow well within the basement structure or your renovations include expansion. Once you remove the root problem, you can also contact other specialists for underground features that might impede your basement remodeling estimate template. Water wells are often part of the home system that might get affected by basement renovations, making it necessary to secure water well services. Your basement remodeling estimate template must take into account the actions necessary to prepare the property for home improvements. Once you get rid of those obstructions, you can proceed with the renovation project.

Get Regular Maintenance

Of course, most basements already have existing features that make the home habitable environments for homeowners. You can find many appliances there like air conditioning units, boilers, and even water heaters. The basement houses those features for the entire residential property. Unfortunately, your basement remodeling estimate template must include those features, and you might not even be able to adjust them. Building them into your plans will be necessary, but you must also ensure they are well-maintained before you start with your construction efforts.

Air conditioning units might require filter changes, cleaning, and coil replacements, which you can do by yourself. However, you might need to secure a reputable AC repair service if maintenance needs are too complicated for your knowledge and skills. The same goes for boiler repairs. It can be dangerous to DIY boiler maintenance since you will be playing with electrical systems and hot water, requiring you to hire a professional. Your basement remodeling estimate template must include those appliances, and performing maintenance is a good start to the renovation process.

Once you finish with those appliance maintenance tasks, you can start focusing on general maintenance on the structure. The basement remodeling estimate template will include walls, electrical lines, plumbing networks, and other existing systems that make it functional. While you might not need to improve them, you must ensure they are well-maintained for the changes you have to make during the renovations. Walls cannot welcome a fresh coat of paint if it has holes. Electrical lines cannot be adjusted if there are faulty wires. Plumbing networks cannot accommodate new pipes if they have leaks. Those regular maintenance tasks are necessary if you want to make changes to the basement, making them top priorities in your basement remodeling estimate template.

Invest in the Foundation

Renovations, regardless of where they are, might put in additional weight. Unfortunately, it adds stress to the home’s foundation. While often a reliable structure, the foundation might require enhancements if the extra weight could cause cracks, leading to overall structural damage and safety hazards for the home. The problems might get worse if you make renovations in the basement. As a result, investing in foundation improvement is necessary for your basement remodeling estimate template.

First, you might want to check the foundation for existing damage. Cracks, leaks, and structural weaknesses are necessary to address as a precursor to the basement remodeling estimate template. Once you identify those maintenance needs, you can inspect for water leakage issues that might become problematic later on. Those steps must be handled by professional home contractors, ensuring that the foundation is ready for the renovations you plan to make.

Then, you can make enhancements to the foundation. You can start by adding steel beams and pillars to reinforce the area. You might need to make sure of those additions when your home is aging or has already been damaged by harsh weather. Finally, you can hire a concrete contractor to add an additional layer to the foundation if necessary. Once you perform those steps, you are one step closer to making your basement remodeling estimate template a reality.

Get the Best Water Heater Available

While you might have air conditioning units and boilers in your basement, you might still need room for more. Getting more appliances for your home is an essential step to home improvement, but your basement might be the only space where you can tuck them in safely. The water heater, for instance, is essential to ensure you can enjoy a warm bath. The device is especially crucial during winter. As a result, investing in a water heater might be necessary as part of your basement remodeling estimate template. If so, you must know what to do.

If you want to keep the space occupied to a minimum, you might want to get a tankless water heater. The device takes up less space compared to water heater tanks, which might consume half of the basement. You can get tankless water heater install services to place it in the most convenient location while ensuring you have enough room for your other basement renovation plans. The tankless water heater might be your best option, especially if you want to avoid a crowded basement. Still, you can consider other types of water heaters within your budget.

Of course, keeping the water heater well-maintained will be necessary. You can learn as much as possible about DIY water heater maintenance, but tinkering with it could cause explosions or electrical issues. If you want to avoid catastrophic consequences that could lead to property damage, you might need to partner with a water heater repair company. Their expertise will be helpful in ensuring the water heater is well-maintained. The water heater is necessary if you want to avoid manual heating, making it a necessary addition to the basement remodeling estimate template.

Keep Your Garage Tidy

Since you are making basement renovations, you might be placing the stuff you have stored in them in another area. While you can place those items near the basement, you might consider putting them in the garage. Unfortunately, those items can make the area cluttered, leading to problematic layout and spacing issues while compromising your car’s parking space. If you want to use the garage as a temporary storage area, you must plan around how you can utilize it.

Although temporary, you must do everything possible to keep the garage tidy. You can organize your belongings to ensure you can put them back inside the basement without an issue. Separate items according to categories to ensure there is an organized setup on how you want to return them. You can also utilize the storage areas of your garage. Most garages double as storage areas anyway, making it essential to make room for additional stuff when needed. If you do not have enough space in the garage for your car, you might want to consider parking it in the driveway temporarily. Of course, getting shade or cover for your vehicle to protect it from harsh weather.

Unfortunately, your sorting efforts might cause damage to your garage door. You might be placing boxes or items near an automatic garage door that can’t pick up on small obstructions. As a result, you might want to get a new protective layer. After all, leaving the area open could make it attractive for thieves to steal from your belongings. If you want to protect your garage, you might have to partner with garage door screen manufacturers. They can install a new garage door and screen to provide maximum protection to your storage space. The garage can offer extra space for your basement items, making it essential to plan the basement remodeling estimate template with the garage’s usefulness as part of it.

Keep Mold Out

If the basement has a mortal enemy, it is water. Leaks can come from anywhere, and with basements often considered the basin of all home water problems, water damage is to be expected in the area. Unfortunately, it might be immediately visible, making it necessary to add water damage repair part of the basement remodeling estimate template. Another problem that could come out of water damage in the basement is mold. Mold growth usually happens when water is unchecked on walls and floors. Since the basement does not receive proper attention and care, you can uncover molded areas when you start to renovate the area.

Keeping mold out must start with identifying affected areas. You can check the walls first, allowing you to identify spaces that require basement wall crack repair. You can remove mold and water from those areas and repair cracks, ensuring that the problem won’t become a long-term maintenance issue when you renovate the basement. However, you might need to partner with a basement repair company if the mold and water are out of reach. Most likely, they might be affecting the foundation, making it necessary to leave the task to professionals. It might take a while to accomplish your basement remodeling estimate template, but your renovations might become worthless if water damage and mold growth become constant problems.

Once you take care of the basement remodeling estimate template, you can proceed with the renovations you wish to make. Homeowners can use the area for recreational activities. Home gyms, gaming rooms, and theater rooms are ideal functions for the basement, turning the area into one of your favorite areas of the property. You can also convert it into a home office or a guest bedroom. Both purposes encapsulate the need for another room in your home, with the basement offering the most cost-efficient solution compared to home expansion or buying another property. Finally, you can turn the area into an enhanced service or storage area wherein your investments are directed to restoring or improving the basement instead of transforming it. Regardless of what you choose, you must ensure that the home can handle the renovations. By creating an estimate template, you know full well how to perform the project properly.

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