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Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Carport over a Garage

One of the ways to take care of your car is to keep it sheltered from the elements while it is parked at home. The scorching summer sun as well as ice and snow during winter months can give your car’s exterior a beating. To keep your car safe, you need to build either a garage or a carport. Which way should you go? Well, for most people, a carport is the more practical and attainable option. Here are five reasons why:

It is more affordable

Building a garage for your home in Brisbane can set you back thousands of dollars, while a carport costs far less. That’s because when you decide to build a garage, you are going to have to follow almost all the procedures of building a house, and the expenses can add up. With a carport, you only need to choose from one of the carports available that fits your budget and install it in your compound.

It is portable

Once you’ve built a garage, you cannot move it from one place of your home to another if you desire to do that. With a carport, that’s possible. This means that when your carport’s current position no longer serves you right, you can easily relocate it. If you are leasing or renting a home, you can always transport your carport to a new home when the time for moving comes.

It is faster to construct

Installing a carport in your yard will usually take a day or less. You only need to buy the different parts and assemble them, with or without the help of a contractor. In fact, as long as you have the kit and tools, installing a carport that you’ve already bought is an easy DIY project. With a garage, the project takes a lot longer. You have to engage a contractor and plan the whole project with them before you can even start the construction. That takes a lot of time.

It can have many uses

While the primary reason for installing a carport is to have a shelter for your ride, the structure can have many other uses. When your car isn’t parked there, you can use the carport as an outdoor shelter for picnics and parties. All you need to do is to bring in some chairs and tables. When it’s raining and you’d like to dry your laundry, you can tie a rope between the posts and hang your clothes to dry.

It looks more stylish than a garage

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Carports have an aesthetic that’s much different than that of garages. They come in lots of different designs that you can choose from. Unlike garages, which have a closed, imposing design, carports are open and seem smaller. They also allow for decorations that make them more attractive. You can put beautiful seasonal flowers on the edges of your carport to enhance the structure’s visual appeal. The same can’t be said of garages.

How you decide to shelter your car is ultimately up to you. But when you consider the many benefits that a carport has over a garage, the choice becomes a lot easier to make.

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