Top Luxury Home Additions to Consider

When it comes to luxury home additions, you want to make sure you’re doing your best to improve your home and make it the most comfortable and luxurious experience. This is your personal place for yourself and your family, so making sure that it has everything you want when you go out on vacations and when you think of the best things is very important. Below are some of the most luxury additions you can add to your home to make the value of the property higher, and give you more equity to use at your discretion.

Upgraded Fencing

Fences provide a number of benefits, including privacy and protection to start. With a fence, you can allow your family members and pets to roam safely on your property without any outside danger. Also, if you’re able to have solid fences, and even make them high, you can get quite a bit of privacy, as well. with these fences. Fences are also great for letting your neighbors know where your property line is and keep someone from attempting to use your space. You can choose some of the more luxurious fences that are offered by fencing companies.

Your new fence can be made of either vinyl, wood, metal, chainlink, iron, or aluminum. Depending on what your HOA and your local zoning ordinances allow, you may be able to choose from any of these options or be limited to certain ones. Some areas are strict about the material that’s used, while others are more concerned about the height of the fence and blocking the view. If you aren’t sure what these codes are, you’ll need to ask your local zoning office and also your HOA, if you have one.

Depending on whether you want a vinyl fence installation or a metal one, the prices could be different based on the cost of the material and the time it takes to install for a fencing contractor. When you call them out, have them give you a quote on their prices, and see if they know about any restrictions that may exist in the area. If there are restrictions, they will know about them, unless they’re a brand new contractor in the area. Some of these materials are customizable, and you can make them in different colors to fit your home, just like you can with a metal roof.

Metal Roofing

It’s time to move forward with metal roofing on your next roof repair job. The truth is that metal roofs are in, offering a more modern look to the property, and being durable. Some of the most upscale metals can be used on your roof, and they will bend even less than aluminum. You can opt for various sheet sizes to make the roof look more luxurious, but you’ll get a good lifespan on this roof and how well it protects the home.

If you aren’t a fan of the rain and wind sounds that come from this roof, you can take your luxury a step further with the roofing contractor, and add a sound barrier between the roof and the attic so that it isn’t as loud, and has that similar sound of asphalt shingles without having that look. You may find that you want to add this addition to the other buildings on your property, as well.

High Pressure Windows

Your basic windows boast about being energy efficient, but luxury home additions include windows that can sustain strong winds and pressure. These windows are designed to keep the danger outside of the home, protecting everyone that’s inside the property. This is why you shouldn’t miss this addition to your home. Some of these windows can slow bullets and even protect against severe hurricane winds. All the windows in your home need to be updated to these hurricane windows for maximum protection.

Modern Gutters

If you speak with a gutter company, have them come out and replace the old gutter system on your home so that you can have the modern look of the gutter being tucked neatly beneath the edge of the roof along the perimeter of your house. They will still collect and transport the water, keeping most of the debris out of the system. By going one step further, make sure you add in gutter guards, which keep out wildlife so they aren’t trying to nest in your gutters and cause the system to back up.

Landscape Lighting

Landscaping is great, but it’s only luxurious if you can see the beauty of the yard anytime. Get a quote from landscape lighting companies in the area and let them know that you want to bring some light features to your lawn. They can come out and run the lights along the perimeter of the house, out in flower beds, along the walkways, and anywhere else you’d like to have a light so you can enjoy your lawn at night. You’ll probably want to have your landscaper around for this conversation so they know how to design and manage the property once the lights are installed.

EV Outlet

Many luxury homes are moving to luxury electronic vehicles. This means that you need a special EV charger tucked away either in your garage or in your carport. You can pave this area and add shelter if you don’t already have it, connecting the outlet to the home so that you can always have a full charge. Keeping this area charged will keep the battery from wearing down and let you get the most out of your EV Outlet.

Modern Siding

One of the top luxury home additions to do this year is to add the modern siding. It’s time to remove those classic vinyl pieces and opt for something that’s trending, like the smartside vinyl, or the board and batten siding. Many of the luxury homes being built in communities and by individual homeowners across the country are finding the look of board and batten to be durable and aesthetically pleasing. Your local siding contractor can help you get the siding you want and your color preference.

Outdoor Kitchen

One of the best luxury home additions you can add is an outdoor kitchen. You want this space to be covered, as a way to protect the appliances, so contact a home construction contractor to come out with design plans and help you build this outdoor kitchen. It’s great if you can have it coming off the back porch, so you don’t have a long walk to go in and out of the house if you must. You should make sure this has a wood floor or is paved. Electrical contractors and plumbers will need to come out so you can get power and water running to the kitchen.

Smart Appliances

Any appliances you have that are basic, from the microwave to the dishwasher should be upgraded. A true luxury home addition is to replace those older appliances that are going out with new ones that are trending and have all the necessary features. Newer appliances are also energy-efficient, which allows you to have these luxury features, and save on your monthly utility expenses. As you upgrade, add in newer washer and dryer sets, a dishwasher, a hood and range, and even your microwave.

Wine Cellar

With the help of a home construction contractor, one of the top-notch luxury home additions you can add to your home is a wine cellar. These cellars are usually down below, and basements that have undergone waterproofing can be renovated to be a nice place to store your wines. Have a nice sitting area down in your cellar so when you have friends over, you can enjoy your wine in the cellar, making it easy to get the different bottles and enjoy that ambiance of feeling like you’re in a winery.

Heated Driveway

Homes that are in areas with lots of snow and ice have a lot of work in front of them in the mornings when traveling out. However, a heated driveway will melt the ice, making it so you don’t fall when you make your way to the car. Having a heated driveway will also reduce the amount of shoveling you have to do, which keeps you and your kids warm on snow days when you’re staying in. Not having to worry about getting out of the driveway with ice is such a luxury in these places.

Heated Floors

Working just like the driveway, heated floors can be placed all through your home as a luxury home addition. These are recommended in bedrooms and bathrooms, as a way to keep everyone warm and able to get going in the morning when these floors are the coldest. You can keep these at a low temperature so that you can get up at any time and if you can’t find slippers, you can walk barefoot comfortably in your home.

Movie Theater

If you have extra space and you aren’t sure what to do with it, you should get a large movie screen, and reclining movie chairs, and set up an in-home movie theater for your family and friends to enjoy. You should have at least enough seats for your family, but then add in a few extras when they want to have friends over. These seats shouldn’t just recline but have them set to be heated or cooled, like some of the most luxurious theaters. You can use this space for parties, events, and even date nights when you want that movie experience but don’t want to leave the house. This room isn’t complete without a popcorn machine in the corner and maybe even a soda fountain if you want the full effect of the movies.

Indoor Pool

Some families love to swim, but the weather doesn’t always permit that year-round with an outdoor pool. If you enjoy swimming and want to get in the pool any time, add an indoor pool to your home. You can have one of the retractable roofs over the pool, so in the summer, you can make it an outdoor pool, but close it up in the winter so you can swim all year. You want it to be a part of your home, so you aren’t traveling wet through the yard in the winter. With an indoor pool, you are able to better manage the debris getting into the pool, and the pests that get into the water when it’s open to the elements.

Luxury Bathroom

Probably one of the most sought-after additions in a luxury home is the luxury bathrooms that are built. Covering the walls and floor in tile, these upscale bathrooms should have showerheads with the absolute best pressure and are large enough to have a seating area. This allows the shower space to double as a sauna, and that offers a level of luxury that you didn’t know you needed. Also, updating the toilet to one that is efficient will elevate the overall bathroom experience. The vanity should be large and should have some of the best water pressure in the home. Some of these luxury bathrooms will connect to a closet, that can be walk-in and designed to hold clothing, shoes, and linen. Other luxury bathrooms will upgrade to a large garden tub for those who prefer baths regularly.

Build Your Luxury Home Additions

With the help of a construction contractor, there isn’t much you can’t do to add to your luxury home. The idea behind luxury is to make sure you have things you want and elevated from your basic needs. If you find that some of these luxury additions will improve your quality of life and how your family grows, then you should consider having a couple of these added. Start with some that will have the most impact, and then reach out to your contractor to schedule your first project. These home additions will bring value to your home and bring satisfaction to you and your family.

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