Transition to Another Season: Making Changes at Home

You might know that everyone changes clothes and fashion depending on the weather. But do you know that our house needs some changes, too? Yes, that’s right. Just like our body, even our home is impacted by changing weather. For instance, during fall, you might have to put in more effort to clean your sewage and gutters due to the falling leaves.

Every season can impact the environment and thereby your house differently. Thus, it is essential to adapt your home to the changing climate to prevent future repair and maintenance. Some primary things should be considered, based on the changing weather.

Things to consider to weather-proof your house

Depending on the weather, here are some things worth considering.

  • Winter

If it’s November and you are about to enter winter, it’s time to make some warm changes. You very well know that the environment during winter gets colder. Hence, it will also impact your indoor temperature. You need to prepare a few things to keep the indoors warm.

You can take your yearly boiler service check to ensure that you don’t run out of hot water for bath or other purposes. Similarly, you can also prepare your fireplace for the task. Nothing is better on a winter night than the warmth of the crackling fireplace. Layering your house, especially the bed, with warm rugs can also help you keep warm.


Like the indoors, even the exterior of your house needs some monitoring. For instance, snow can accumulate on the house roof during winter. Thus, you need to constantly monitor the roof because it can damage the top when the ice melts. Similarly, you also need to service your windows if needed. Small openings in the windows can let the cool air from outside rush into your house. Prevent it with appropriate window maintenance.

  • Spring

You might think that spring brings more sunlight, returning the sound of nature and blooming of flowers. What harm can such a delightful season do to your house? That’s where you are mistaken. It is obvious that spring has so much delight to offer, but it is also the season when insects start awakening.

With the pleasant warmth coming back into the air, the pests and insects are out from their nests. They will restart their activities. The bees and wasps will leave the dormant, and the termites will start attacking your house. You need to hire a pest control service provider to control the pests’ growth in your home. Even your lawn will require proper monitoring and maintenance as it’s the blooming season. Ensure cleaning your yard and start with that gardening hobby of yours.

Besides awakening the pests, spring will also bring in heavy rains that can enter your house and lead to basement floods and similar issues. Ensure measures to prevent floods in your home. You can also take help from technology devices for basement floods. That’s because when your basement floods, you will have to clean it immediately the next day, and it can be a daunting task.

  • Summer

Weather and humidity changes can affect the wood. For instance, if you wear a ring, you might have noticed that it gets tighter during summer and loose otherwise. Similarly, anything of wood in your house can also contract and expand based on the weather.

During winter, the wood and even the concrete of your house expands, and during the summer, it will contrast. Thus, it can lead to cracks in your apartment. If gone unnoticed, these cracks can expand and grow larger, thereby weakening the foundation of your house. The same can be happening with the roof. The most challenging part here is that, unlike winter damage, the summer damage is tough to spot and can easily go unnoticed.

Examine both indoors and outdoors of your house to spot any cracks and seal them as soon as possible. Besides the gaps, ensure that your HVAC system is working efficiently as you will require cool air during the hot summer days.

  • Autumn


During autumn, the weather is usually mild and windy. Also, the leaves from the trees fall during this season. Autumn winds can quickly bring these leaves and other dirt into your house. If left uncleared, the leaves and other dirt materials can enter your gutters and sewage systems.

Once the dirt gets into your sewage and gutters, it can block the pipes and tunnels, leading to numerous problems. Frequent monitoring of lawns and clearing the leaves and dirt are some ways to go about it. However, you can also implement measures like adding filters to prevent the leaves from entering the gutters.

Climate change can adversely affect your house. In fact, it can also change where and how you build or make a property buying decision. Ensure taking preventive measures to weather-proof your home.

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