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Understanding Landscape Architecture

What makes a good business location? Many people will have different answers, but it can be roughly divided into two categories: public and private spaces. Creating a good place of business is easy. Commercial landscaping services in Grand Junction and other urban areas in America have plenty of offerings. But what separates the good private spaces from the great ones is how they interact with the public areas, and that’s what landscape architecture is about.

The reasoning behind this is simple: There’s really no such thing as a private space. Sure, we may have walls, fences, or buildings to hide behind, but due to the interconnected nature of our cities today, all of our properties need to be built with the public in mind.

Landscape architecture is the discipline of making sure these public spaces and outdoor areas are up to standards that can promote sustainability and comfort throughout the neighborhood. It’s a field responsible for most of our real estate. Do you remember how high premiums are around condominiums in Central Park? A big part of that is due to landscape architecture.

Designing for the people

Architect discussing a blueprintThe biggest reason this discipline is so important is the way it relates to urban planning. Gone are the days where we built whatever we wanted and wherever we wanted. We quickly realized that we wanted properties with value. Landscape architecture was one of the keys to making sure we transitioned well from our private areas to the public space.

How do they do this? A landscape architect (and the company they work for) often need to have an integral grasp of the neighborhood they are working on. What’s the weather like? What are the types of wildlife that they can see and expect? Is the place near recreational facilities or areas such as parks? How can they maximize the area allotted to them without wasting too many resources and effort in construction?

Designing with the people

More than that, they also need to be familiar with the rules and regulations that are inherent to urban planning. What are the zoning and local regulations in the area? How does the property’s design fit into existing utility lines? Are there any special areas that are strictly off-limits when it comes to buildings?

Understanding landscape architecture is acknowledging that in designing and building anything in today’s environment, it must have a purpose. More than that, it’s a respect for the spaces of others that should guide the design of space all to your own. It’s also the reason they’re a critical member in any construction project: their job is to make sure that what you’re building works with everything else.

A good neighborhood requires good neighbors, and landscape architects have shaped them to be the best that they can be. While not always obvious and much of their work is a subtle influence on our surroundings, using landscape architecture in any construction play an important role in creating a property with a value that is more than just monetary.

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