What Industries Benefit from 3D Scanning Technology?

Industrial laser technology and its processes have come a long way in helping define precision manufacturing. Lasers as measuring tools are used in 3D modeling. The precision of laser 3D modeling has made it possible to develop advanced technologies for different industries. These include the following.

Industrial Manufacturing

3D scanners play a crucial role in manufacturing and industrial design. They are used in various stages of designing a product, including its implementation and development. The powerful 3D scanning technology helps speed up workflow, making it a breeze to obtain required data and come up with custom automated capturing solutions.

Aerospace and Defense

3D laser scanning offers both accuracy and precision. With the help of 3D scanning technology and software, reverse engineering is undertaken at the least possible time. It is often used in the aerospace industry by 3D laser scanning companies in Utah where precision components and parts are of importance. It is utilized in creating and maintaining an aircraft.


In the healthcare sector, it is widely used for different purposes, such as auto body measuring with the use of a neural network, gender recognition, discovering the shoulder complex rotational center, body weight measurements, and many more. The developments in the 3D whole-body scan are expected to have more potential in the realm of healthcare.

Research and Education

Woman using a 3D printer machine

The technology is very useful in the fields of research and education, as it offers more accurate and precise measurements compared to traditional methods. It can measure large objects on-site, offers a work piece coordinate system, extracts contours of large-sized objects, and more.

Consumer Products

3D laser scanning has revolutionized the field of reverse engineering. It has reduced the design lifecycle, paved the way for a faster duplication process and easier redesigning, reduced costs, set aside manual intervention, and improved versatility and overall productivity.

Architecture and Engineering

The 3D laser scanning technology is very useful in the field of architecture and engineering, as well. It helps to quickly analyze a real-word object and its surroundings, gathering data about its color, appearance, and shape. It measures a large object and sends data to the cloud.

The technology helps by collecting precise data and information on various objects that are used for recording as well as monitoring purposes. With its accuracy and precision, a lot of work in this field is made easy at the least possible cost.

3D Digital Corporation

In digital businesses, it helps as the technology collects all necessary digital information and establishes a point cloud, where the software consisting of 3D laser scanning technology converts the point cloud into a 3D digital object representation with utmost precision.

Entertainment and Media

The technology is also useful in the entertainment and media segments where it is widely used in the production of video games, animations, and movies. The 3D scanning minimizes the need to be physically present on-site and carry out ocular inspections.

White 3D printing piece

With 3D laser scanning technology becoming all too pervasive, there is no wonder that we will, later on, find more and more use for this innovation on various aspects of our day-to-day lives.

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