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4 Basement Maintenance Tips

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has made it essential for everyone to practice social distancing. Because of that, everyone’s now choosing to stay home to keep themselves safe. Although the lockdown has limited our daily activities and routines, it’s the perfect time to do some household chores! Take this opportunity to do an inspection around your house and conduct the necessary maintenance efforts.

One of the places around the house that is often neglected is the basement. Because we rarely use it, we may not notice the things that need to be repaired. Especially since winter has passed, there might be tons of dust or mold build up over there. Here are some basic maintenance tips to get you started on attending to your basement.

Check drainage systems

Over time, the drainage systems in our basements can accumulate dust, dirt, and other debris. These can clog the drain and cause your basement to flood! Every once in a while, check on your drainage system and remove any leaves, dust, or other items that might hinder the easy passage of water. If you notice stagnant water in your basement often, it might be time to install french drains to help stop water accumulation.

Repaint your basement walls with water-resistance paint

The basement is one room in your house that’s prone to high humidity levels. Truthfully, it can be said that it’s the most affected area during storms or rainy seasons. No matter how much you try to keep water out, there will still be some humidity that will make its way in.

Normal wall paint has a tendency to absorb water. This isn’t good because it will cause big problems in the long run, like destroying the paint or structural damage. It’s ideal to use water-resistant paint in the basement because these effectively repel humidity and keep the walls dry.

Properly optimize your garden

Having a nice garden or landscape in your house has a lot of good benefits. But if not designed properly, it can wreak havoc to your basement. First off, the grading of your yard should be structured properly so that all the water flows to the right location. Otherwise, it might be going to your basement. Ideally, the yard should slope away from your home to keep the water away.

You also have to maintain proper drainage systems in your garden. Make sure that the areas most prone to cause the pooling of water has sufficient drainage to avoid floods.

Install water and leak detectors

woman fixing the water leak

Thanks to modern technology, you can now be alerted when water starts accumulating in your basement or your pipes are having some sort of leak. Take advantage of this innovation by investing in leak detectors. This will make sure that you know when you have to take the extra measures to check on your basement and make the necessary repairs or replacements. Or better yet, set a periodical basement check to prevent the issues before they even start to arise.

Doing basic maintenance on your basement every once in a while is essential to keep your home safe from structural damage. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of sabotaging the foundation of your home due to improper and ineffective basement maintenance. Take this lockdown as an opportunity to check on and maintain your basement.

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