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Light Your Hallway the Right Way

This cannot be stressed enough: proper lighting is very, very important. Real estate agents, home staging professionals, and interior designers put a high emphasis on this seemingly trivial part of property design. If you want your new home or apartment in St. George, Utah to look and feel inviting, you cannot ignore lighting. At first, it may seem easy – a lamp on your nightstand or a pendant on the ceiling above your dining table. However, what about areas that are smaller yet still get a lot of foot traffic?

The right lighting system highlights or softens design features. With the right choice, you can balance the size and color selection in your space to achieve optimal appearance. It may not be a priority for many homeowners, but the hallway is one area where lighting is highly important, especially because there’s only a limited amount of space. With proper, well-designed lighting, you can enhance certain areas of the hallway, keeping it looking warm and welcoming while also reducing the risks of any accidents.

Here are some of your best choices when it comes to hallway lighting:

Ceiling Lights

This is perhaps the top choice of many homeowners when it comes to corridor illumination. If this is something you want to consider for your home, think about the number and types of lamps you need. You also need to consider the light color and the lighting type. Ceiling lighting is often available in either direct or indirect light, as well as diffused light. Your choice will mostly depend on the style and theme you’ve chosen for your entire home. Do you want a more discreet-looking space or a vibrant setting? If you want to create that gentle, cozy atmosphere, for example, a warm yellow fixture is an excellent choice.

Wall Lights

Because light is reflected off of vertical surfaces at home, it’s easy to assume that a certain space is a lot smaller than it actually is when there’s not enough lighting. Your hallway is the perfect space to make the most out of and experiment on well-lit vertical spaces. Wall lights, also known as sconces, are perfect choices for hallways that need to look and feel more spacious. If you don’t want your hallway to look overly bright, go for muted lighting. There are available wall lights that come with a thick, cloudy glass cover plate to create that soft glow.

Pendant Lights or Chandeliers

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If there’s not enough space in your hallway to mount some wall lights, you can go for a central light hanging from the ceiling for that wonderful effect. Central lighting placement is great to achieve optimum illumination, but you can also put the lighting directly above the entryway for a different vibe. Chandeliers are excellent choices if you want that added drama. But, because chandeliers can be a pretty huge and heavy design element for smaller areas, a regular pendant light can also do the trick. You have a long list of options for pendants. There are those that hang from chains, wires, cables, and solid rods.

Keep in mind that the lighting you choose should fit the decor and size of your hallway so that everything flows smoothly. Whether you want to make a big impression or just make your hallway inviting, there are plenty of options to choose from.

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