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Adding Warmth to a Room With Shades of Grey

Over the last few years, there has been a significant change in the design world when it comes to people’s appreciation of neutrals. What were once popular – khakis, taupes, and other shades of beige – have been overshadowed by a new superstar: gray. It’s easy to understand why gray has become the top choice of many interior designers and homeowners. It has the warmth of a tan, the calmness and tranquility associated with shades of blue, and the subtlety of a cream, making it a versatile color that can work effectively whether your living space is traditional or extra modern. However, because it comes in seemingly endless shades, it can be challenging to find the perfect hue that will emphasize warmth in your space.

Shades of gray can sometimes look a little bit icy, impersonal, and sterile. For many homeowners, the ideal living space is something that has a good combination of style and some personality. So, here are some ideas on how you can turn a gray room into a room filled with warmth and coziness:

Focusing on the furniture

Pick some furniture pieces that are a gradient of your base or accent colors to make a gray space appear more inviting. For example, to counter the iciness of dark gray walls, grab a light gray couch and pick up some maroon throw pillows to up the coziness of the space. There’s no need to sacrifice style just to make your gray room look welcoming to visitors by focusing on your chosen furniture. Compliment a gray room with a mocha-colored, distressed leather couch paired with a designer coffee table from Singapore If you own a canopy bed, make your bedroom look a lot more elegant and sophisticated with some maroon curtains. Consider playing around with some textured fabric as well to add layers to the space, as additional layers often mean more comfort and warmth. To foster conversation when you have guests, group your furniture pieces together in sitting rooms.

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Dealing with décor

To add a touch of gentleness into a gray room, make use of dense patterns that are common in Persian rugs or even photo frames with tortoise shells. These, along with some appealing textures, can make the dull colors in the room look more alive. You can also create the same effect with textures through your chosen throw pillows and blankets. Most guests, upon seeing some blankets on your couch, will be tempted to snuggle up; thus, making the room more welcoming. For your beds, chairs, accent couches, and benches, play around with some overstuffed downy pillows for an added combination of warmth and interest. Soften up icy-looking gray walls with some long window drapes and consider adding some art pieces that have warm tones for that increased intimate feel.

Finally, be careful about your choice of lighting. An already cold, sterile looking room will feel even more uninviting if you choose to use fluorescent bulbs. Do you have a huge collection of books? Use them as accents on your shelves and tables.

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