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New Year, New Paint Colour Trends for Your New Home

This year, you’ve decided to start the new decade with a new home. After looking through a long list of homes for sale in Burnside or neighbouring areas, visiting model homes and discussing important details with your real estate agent, you’ve finally narrowed down your choices and settled on that fancy home you’ve been dreaming about for years. Now, you’re ready to move in and start decorating.

Other than the furniture, the colour you choose to paint your entire home is among the most important yet difficult decisions to make. Colours play a significant role in influencing our emotions. Certain shades evoke feelings of sadness while others make you feel bright and cheerful. When picking colours for different areas of our homes, choose according to the atmosphere you want a room to have in combination with all the other interior furniture pieces and accessories.

Various options are available when it comes to interior paints, and the choices can be extremely overwhelming. The safe choice that won’t ever go out of style is white. This colour makes spaces look bigger and illuminated. If you want to take it to another level, however, you can choose other colours that truly reflect your style and personality.

If you’re thinking about giving your home interiors that contemporary look, here are the paint colours that will dominate 2020:

Blends of Blue

If you’re not satisfied with just a single colour on your walls, use different shades of the same colour to create a layered effect. You don’t have to paint a rainbow on your walls to make a room look alive. Pick one colour such as blue, and paint different shades of it on various patterns found on your walls, such as the mouldings, friezes and other finishes. Grab some photographs with tones of blue and stick them on your walls for that pleasing aesthetic look.

Bluish Greens, Roses and Mustards

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If you want that passionate and energetic vibe inside your living space, these are the colours for you. Known as “Play,” these colours are highly associated with fun and having a good time. Because of this palette’s playful vibe, it makes a simple white wall with vivacious colours all over have both warmth and humour. Looking at these colours will help you remember your inner child who enjoys playtime.

Old Rose, Grey and Beige

If you’re into a more toned down vibe, there are the perfect colours for you. Known as “Manta,” this palette is all about capturing that Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian design treatment. It’s a good combination of both cool and warm tones to create that overall balanced look. Because the tones are inspired by natural materials, it has the neutral versatility many homeowners would love. Shades of beige, grey and soft roses are reminiscent of ancient decorations found in many historic homes. But, if you want your home to still have that contemporary look, add some splashes of modern beige colours.

With all these combinations, you’ll be able to create a living space that’s both relaxing and inspiring. Go ahead and turn your home into a colourful canvas.

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