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Creating a Beautiful and Welcoming Outdoor Space for Your Pet

A lot of homeowners have pets that enjoy being outside to run around and explore the world. However, often, having a pet and maintaining a well-manicured backyard don’t go together. Dogs love to dig the earth, which can destroy lush flower beds. Meanwhile, cats can get sick from nibbling on various plants in a garden. There’s also the problem of pet urine that can turn green grass yellow or brown because of high nitrogen content.

But it is possible to have a beautiful yard where pets can play or rest.

Create Hardscapes to Avoid Urine Stains

Pets need to urinate and defecate, so it doesn’t make sense for owners to cover their lawn or their backyard with grass. Grass, as mentioned, is burned and stained by animal urine. You would need to reseed the patch of grass to bring it back to life.

This can be prevented. You can construct a hardscape area by putting paving stones or bricks in the areas where your pets “do their business.” Aside from creating an appealing place to walk, it will prevent grass stains.

The designate space to urinate and defecate should be part of their training, so that they don’t leave their wastes all over the yard. You wouldn’t have to worry about stepping on their messes whenever you or a guest walk around the garden.

Plant Grass Alternatives

There are other options for owners who don’t want their lawn burned and stained by pet urine. They can plant non-grass alternatives such as turf, moss, or ground cover plants. There’s also clover which wouldn’t turn yellow or brown in case your pet accidentally urinates on it.

You will still need to water them regularly, or they won’t survive in the heat.

Keep Shade Trees Sturdy and Healthy

Shade trees are perfect for dogs who love lounging under them during hot days. You just need to keep the shade trees sturdy and healthy to serve as safe havens for your pets.

Inspect the bark regularly for any signs of damage, since this can cause splinters that might injure your pet. Repair damaged limbs immediately before they fall onto the ground, potentially injuring your dog or cat.

Keep Flowers Lush but Safe for Pets

Flowers might seem like a no-go area for pets since they love chewing off fresh blooms or ripping apart petals. But there are options that won’t cause trouble for your pet.

Grow flowers that are non-toxic, like aloe vera plants, daisies and violets; these can be chewed with no consequences. Also, keep the flowers safe by planting them in raised flower beds or trellis to surround the garden with color without posing any harm to your pets.

Another concern is fertilizer. You might need to ask a professional or check online if the fertilizer you’re using is pet-safe. Fertilizers that contain high amounts of nitrogen can be dangerous for cats and dogs, because it’s difficult for their livers to process this chemical compound.

Install Fences

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Cats love climbing over ledges and perching on high spots they can jump from. They also enjoy hiding in nooks and crannies they can squeeze into.

On the other hand, dogs love to run around and jump. The possibility of your carefully-tended garden being trampled or chewed on by your pup is high.

That is why a fence is necessary. The fence needs to be sturdy enough to withstand repeated pounces and jumps from cats and dogs. You can install metal fencing for this purpose. Metal is sturdier and lasts longer but is more expensive but worth it. Adding a metal posts to the fence guarantees that the structure will survive for a long time. As an alternative, you can also put up a wooden fence that looks aesthetically-pleasing and is less expensive but not as durable.

Add Pet Play Amenities

You can also create hiding spots and tunnels for your cats and dogs in the fence. This will keep them entertained when they’re inside the yard. It also gives them a safe place where they can take refuge whenever one of their playmates gets too rough during games.

You can also add pet-operated water fountains that are perfect for pets to stay hydrated all day.

Through hardscape, shade trees and fences, you can create an outdoor space for your pets that is both beautiful and welcoming without compromising their health and safety. Moreover, it’s important to train your pets so that they know how to behave whenever they’re outside the house. With these tips, you can give your pets a place they will love to spend time in!

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