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Decorate More with Less: How to Make Clutter Look Good

Minimalists and Marie Kondo fans would probably frown over a space that’s filled with personal items, but to some, it’s what makes a house a home. An heirloom in the form of china, travel souvenirs showcased in fridge magnets, and a mini art gallery made up of your paintings.

Besides, it’s mostly unrealistic to live in a space without personal items on display at all. Clutter may be viewed in a negative light, but you can make them look good, as long as you know how to organize them well. Not to mention they save you money on expensive home decor.

That said, here’s how to beautifully adorn your abode with your belongings:

Discover What Inspires You

Clutter becomes an eyesore if they’re not arranged systematically. For example, if you love hoarding textiles, playing sports, listening to music, and watching movies, your home will reflect those hobbies. Your textiles are probably thrown all over your living room. Your sports equipment are tucked in corners, and your CDs and DVDs are on top of your media console.

They showcase what makes you happy and inspired, but on the flip side, they make a mess. Hence, organize those pieces to incorporate your hobbies in your space neatly.

Invest in custom shelving units to curate your favourite items. If you’re a book lover or a novelist, your collection of fiction books will immediately give your guests a glimpse of your passion. Likewise, all items related to your hobby or profession will express a significant part of who you are, instead of looking just like clutter.

Display Only the Best

You don’t need to display every item you have. Select only the best, the ones that have the most visual impact. Try making a vision board to find out what things would look beautiful on display. You can decide on a theme to establish a system. Once you find the items that would satisfy that theme, you can start sorting your collections until you achieve a visually appealing decor assembly.

Choose a Focal Point

Among all your collections, there has to be something that stands out. Make it the “star feature” in your home. Perhaps, it’s a huge painting, sculpture, or light fixture. Place it in an area where they will draw all eyes.

Revamp Some Pieces

If your collections don’t match well, a good trick is to paint them with the same colour. Don’t be pressured to do this, though, especially on things that have immense value. Only choose pieces that can use a fresh coat of paint.

Glossy white paint makes a huge difference in vases and flowerpots. It can mimic the look of porcelain, tricking the eye that you collect the ceramic material.

Add Life

Greenery is, no doubt, the best and fastest way to add life to any space. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can settle for inexpensive faux plants. They add visual interest and cosiness to your area, making it look friendlier and more inviting. Plus, they make the right accents.

Change Things from Time to Time

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Over time, you’re going to collect more pieces, so leave room for redecorating. The books on your shelves can be transferred to another place and be displayed in stacks. Your wall gallery can showcase new paintings after a year or to. Periodically changing your decor refreshes your eye and reminds you why your collections inspire you so much.

Don’t feel bad that your space isn’t like a cover of a magazine, or isn’t Pinterest-worthy. What’s more important is that you’re comfortable and that you truly feel one with your home.

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