The Most Common Truck Problems To Watch Out For

Trucks are durable machines, but they’re not impervious to damage. From engine troubles to brake failure, there are plenty of issues you might run into with your truck. When left unchecked, these problems can make driving in your vehicle very dangerous. Here are the most common truck problems to keep an eye out for so you can stay safe on the road.

Wheel Bearing Problems

Wheel bearings are responsible for making sure your wheel assemblies, hub, and tires are working properly. It reduces friction and rotation of your hub, resulting in a smooth drive. When your wheel bearings are compromised, you’ll feel a very jerky and unstable movement while driving. You’ll also hear noise coming from your wheels. You can fix your wheel bearings yourself if you know your way around a car, but it’s better to take it to a professional who has the knowledge and the necessary equipment, from lugs and bolts to mobile column automotive lifts.

Brake Failure

Trucks are susceptible to brake failures because of their size. The heavier the load you carry on your truck, the more pressure you place on the brakes, thus wearing it down. This could also result in a fluid leak. If you fail to maintain your brakes regularly, brake failure will likely occur. This is incredibly dangerous, especially if you live in an area where it snows or rains often.

Engine Overheating

An overheated engine can be caused by a blown gasket or a fuel leak. If you fail to address it when it first happens, it could result in engine failure in the long run. You’ll need to get your truck repaired as soon as you notice the first signs that your vehicle is overheating.

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Damaged Hydraulic Hose

Hydraulic hoses that are frequently exposed to extreme temperatures will eventually wear out and degrade. Damaged hoses can destroy both your heat shield and your electrical components. Make sure that you’re replacing your hydraulic hoses at least every year or so. A professional car mechanic may also offer to insulate your hose with shrink wrap to deter overheating instead of fully replacing it as a way to save money.

Starter Failure

Starter failure is a common issue for those living in areas with a freezing climate. Signs of this problem are very apparent, so you’ll know immediately if this issue is what you’re dealing with. Some common problems include smoke coming out of your car, an inability to jump-start your engine, and a grinding noise while driving, among many other symptoms.

Electrical Issues

Your truck relies on your electrical system to function effectively. If there’s even a slight problem with your battery, alternator, or other electrical components, then your car might not even be able to work at all. Regular battery issues, blown fuses, and a failing engine are all tell-tale signs that your car’s electrical system is failing and you’ll have to get it repaired.

Every truck owner will have to deal with at least one of these problems at some point. Although they’re unavoidable, by knowing what to expect, you can prevent these small issues from turning into big problems.

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