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Tiny House Trouble: Increasing Curb Appeal with a Small Lot

While movies and celebrities do love to depict mansions and sprawling villas as the perfect home, when it comes to the average person, it’s not the most practical option. More often than not, are these homes wasting a lot of space, and you can’t expect to use all the rooms available. Plus, all that extra size will only rack up unnecessary expenses!

As a result, more and more people are now looking towards the prospect of tiny homes because they offer the perfect balance of functionality and optimizing space. And on that note, we will be learning how you can make your little house stand out by increasing curb appeal.

Plan Your Budget

Firstly, before you go off and get to decision-making, you must plan your budget and be firm on how much you’ll spend. While we strongly encourage people to invest back into their homes and increase their property value, you don’t want to empty your pockets on one project. One of the benefits of tiny homes is saving on expenses, so blowing out your cash will render those savings useless!

Furthermore, sticking with a budget will make decisions flow better as it will narrow down the options available to you and help get the most out of your money. Beautification isn’t always dependent on cash, and you’ll be surprised at how big of an impact you can make with a bit of elbow grease.

#1 Do Some Gardening

One of the best ways to immediately increase your tiny home’s curb appeal is by dabbling in some gardening. And with the right mix of flowers, shrubs, and home-grown plants, you might even make your home appear that tad bit bigger than it is! Of course, you also get the added benefit of greens, which will make your home look more down-to-earth and full of life.

Flower Beds. Most homes are blasted with darker tones and shades of blacks, grays, and browns, but sprinkle in a flower bed, and you can make any dull home have a complete 180. They can bring warmth to a house, make it feel more welcoming, and even become the crowning glory of your entire front yard.

  • Borders: Border flower beds are placed directly adjacent to a backdrop, such as your house, fences, and hedges. You can get away by placing taller variants to give more texture and depth.
  • Islands: Island flower beds come in different shapes from rectangles, squares, circles, and more. They don’t depend on a backdrop, which makes them viewable from all sides and are a great addition if you have unused lawn space that needs that extra oomph. It’s best to go with smaller variants of flowers, so they don’t overshadow your home.

Get to Trimming. Overgrown shrubs and plants make your house look like a home straight out of The Hobbit. Don’t let them get too long and keep things tidy, which will immediately make your tiny home look better. So, get to trimming!

#2 Highlight Your Front Walk

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Your front walk acts as the red carpet to your home, and if you want your tiny house to appear grandeur, then it’s a great a place to start. You can also try out various designs, so choose one that tickles your fancy and fits the budget just right.

  • Stain the Concrete: When working with a concrete pathway, an inexpensive and effective method of making it look nicer is staining it to match your home’’s color palette. Give it a good power wash to remove any embedded dirt and to help make the stain stick better to the concrete.
  • Try Rock Pathways: If you want variety and wan to make your home feel even closer to nature, then a nice rock pathway is a great alternative. You can use crushed stone or larger cuts, so choose whichever best suits the design you’re going for.

#3 A Cozy Entryway

Last but not least, working on your entryway and making it look cozier is an excellent way of increasing the curb appeal of your home. Think of it as the bridge from the outside world into your house, and design it accordingly.

Functional Patios. Tiny homes get away with their small spaces by make the outside more useful, and the patio is one of those magical areas. Style it with seating furniture and potted plants, and you got yourself a more attractive patio. You can also look into custom patio shades if your budget can allow it.

Welcoming Front Porches. Front porches are too often victims of being too bland, so a quick way to increase curb appeal is by making your front porch look more welcoming. Add bits of decor, some seating, and maybe even consider a small herb garden.

Get Creative

Tiny homes might be small in size, but that doesn’t mean they carry less potential than larger houses. With the right mix of effort and creativity, increasing your tiny house’s curb appeal can be relatively easy. So, get to planning and see which of these simple projects strike you the most!

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