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Retiring Comfortably with Senior Living Interior Design Trends

Interior design is one of the best ways of incorporating your identity and personality into your living space. When you’re going to have some guests over, how you arrange your furniture, the lighting, and every minute detail of your home will play a significant role in giving an excellent first impression to visitors. But interior design is not necessarily just about aesthetics: it’s also about function and convenience towards the inhabitants. After all, anybody working in the home renovation industry knows that function should always be the priority.

For the most part, a lot of senior citizens want to live in a peaceful home. Since most of their time is spent within their living space, it’s only logical to emphasize the interior design of houses geared towards the elderly. Ergonomic and comfortable furniture, customizable lighting, and soundproofing are just some features that can help alleviate senior citizens’ living standards.

Sometimes, redesigning a home for elderly loved ones can be time-consuming while most homeowners have to spend a fair amount of money on renovations and new furniture. Assisted living services are a great way of giving the same amount of care and comfort to older adults while not spending a fortune.

Trends to consider

If you’re planning on redesigning your home to have a fresh start in your living space, here are some ingenious ways of leveling up your interior design game:

Enhanced Outdoor Wellness Programs

Out of all the age groups, elderly individuals will need a fair amount of physical exercise and interaction with others. When most older adults are just confined within the four corners of their home, they’re not getting that much physical exercise or social interaction with others.

Most communities that take care of older individuals have been designing most of their homes to have an “open-air” environment. That means that there’s more available access to gardens, walking trails, and facilities designed for exercise. For the last few years, outdoor living spaces have been steadily becoming popular in different senior living communities.

Luxurious Designs

Of course, everyone wants to live a good life, especially when they’re already in their golden years. Most senior living spaces tend to have a “standard” and might look a bit gray for some inhabitants. Having a modern and luxurious tone to your interior design can help break up the monotony of having generic designs that might be disengaging for most individuals.

Some experts would suggest using more neutral base palettes contrasted with popped-up and dramatic, luxurious colors. Most of the time, this will help innervate elderly inhabitants.

Natural and Ambient Lighting

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In almost any interior design setup, natural lighting is one of the best ways of saving up energy costs while also making a bright and vibrant impact on your home’s day-night cycle.

That is especially important for a lot of old adults. As most individuals grow older, their body clock’s sleeping schedule is disrupted. Having vibrant lighting can help alert seniors about the day-night cycle, helping them have better sleeping patterns.

Most senior living spaces have been incorporating the use of ambient and customizable lighting towards their designs. In some cases, there lighting system will use the hue of lights to shift between daylight, candle lighting, and nighttime.

There are many ways of designing a home into being comfortable, not just for older adults, but for everyone of all ages. It’s important to note that you’re not only limited to these types of options. If you’re unsure how you want to design your living space for your elderly loved ones, you can always ask an interior designer’s professional supervision.

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