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Find the Ideal Suburb by Checking These Factors

Many real estate properties around Donnybrook and other suburban areas are being developed nowadays. This is because more people want to move out to the suburbs. If you’re looking to leave the city life and live somewhere quiet, the suburbs are the place to be.

However, not all suburbs are the same. You need to be selective since when you buy property in a suburban area, that’s a significant investment. If you want to be sure that your purchase of property in a suburb is a good one, here are some factors to consider:

The Transportation

The first thing you need to consider is how exactly you are going to reach this place. In the past, suburbs were mainly designed to accommodate the car culture. They still are, with their wide streets and space enough for a garage. There is still a concern about how well the streets are connected to the wide world. For example, is the suburb connected to the highway? You’ll want a community that allows you to drive quickly to any location you need to go to.

It’s not just cars; you’ll want a suburb that is friendly to all types of transport. For example, you can bike around freely or you can choose to take public transport via trains or buses.

The Facilities

This is another major factor since it will influence the quality of your life. You’ll want nearby shops and grocery stores for convenience. Additionally, you’ll want to be near hospitals and clinics so that you can have quick access to medical treatments. If you have children, you’ll want schools to be nearby. Some suburbs offer great community facilities. These can be simple community centers or even gyms.

You’d probably appreciate it if the community has a swimming pool. Finally, you’ll want a place that has access to some entertainment facilities. This can mean places like movie theaters and other establishments.


You want to be safe and that is important. Ask if the suburb is going to be a gated community. You should also ask where the closest police station and fire station is. This ensures that you will have an emergency response available quickly if necessary.

Future Developments

You should also ask the developer on what future plans they have. This can be everything from new facilities that will start construction in the future to the improvements that will be made by other developers. You’ll want to be on the ground floor of a major investment.

The Feel

family taking a walkFinally, take a walk around the neighborhood. Think of how you feel about the place and see whether you will be happy to live there. That’s essentially the final clincher, so you better think about it long and hard.

When you buy land or a house in a suburban development, you are buying property that you will be living on for a long time. That’s going to be a big investment, so you need to be sure of your purchase. Remember the above criteria so that you can avoid any problem or regret.

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