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Four Promising Business Ideas With Low Cost and High ROI

Many people with regular office jobs find themselves dreaming of having their own business. Whether it is an auto repair shop, a bakery or cafe, a small convenience store, or a franchise of a pizza restaurant, who wouldn’t love the idea of running their own business? However, while it’s a common dream shared by many around the world, not everyone dares to take the leap.

Experts in the business industry are now encouraging people to finally take the journey, saying this is the best time to launch their own business. Those who are planning to venture out should start by doing market research or maybe find inspiration from existing profitable industries. Here are some promising business ideas you can check out.

Food Franchise

The demand for food will never diminish, and people will always be craving for something to eat. Young entrepreneurs can take advantage of this by finding both traditional and unconventional ways to serve food. Some popular ventures are food parks, food trucks and hole-in-the-wall eats. Restaurant franchising remains to be a trusted choice for aspiring business owners in the food industry.


It is also a great option for starting entrepreneurs to begin their journey online. This is very simple to accomplish because all you will need is a reliable computer, a stable Internet service, a choice of a selling platform, and the product or service you want to offer.

People are selling and buying almost everything online these days, and it is not difficult to have a target market for a product or service. Apart from having low startup and maintenance costs for this business venture, you can operate it anywhere and anytime you want. One important feature that online sellers must work on is finding a reputable shipping partner to make on-time deliveries and ensure customer satisfaction.

Apartment or Office Space Rental

This business is ideal for people with an idle piece of property in an urban area. It can be made into an apartment or office space, which can be rented out. Although it can be a daunting endeavor for some, especially when it will still require the construction of a structure, it is deemed a profitable business that will soon provide you with passive monthly income. You may also list apartments or rooms that are barely occupied on rental websites such as Airbnb for potential hosting and guesting.

Travel Agency

travel agency company

Millennials are crazy about traveling and exploring the world, so starting a travel agency can be a good business idea to consider. It can be started at home or by getting a small booth in places where travelers and locals frequent, like tourist spots or commercial complexes.

There is minimal capital needed for sole proprietors since the basic needs for this are simple office equipment. Learning to use a ticketing system such as Amadeus and Abacus is also important. This business will take a lot of effort, but travel agencies get multiple income streams from hotel accommodations, flight bookings and tour packages.

These are just some of the most rewarding business options in the market right now. If you have other ideas in mind that are uniquely yours, do not be afraid to pursue that, too. You can start small and just start selling online by creating a website and promoting on social media. Anything you are passionate about is always worth a try.

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