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Tankless Water Heater: Buying Guide

As climate change affects more people around the world, the need to find relief and balance in your household is becoming crucial.

Simply having an efficient water heating system can make a huge difference. You can enjoy a hot bath longer without having to worry about your increasing water heating bills, or without worrying that your other family members won’t be able to enjoy the same experience because the hot water has run out. How is this possible? Through tankless water heaters.

Tankless water heaters are available in St. George and other parts of Utah, and it has been efficiently heating up homes and commercial properties for quite some time now. Maybe it is time you do the switch, as well. But, before jumping into the waters (pun intended), it would be helpful to understand some important things before purchasing one.

Understand how it works

Conventional water heater tanks work by storing gallons of heated water as a reserve so that you can use hot water anytime. However, consuming a huge amount of unnecessary energy is a waste. Tankless water heaters can curb this wastage by providing a more efficient water heating system. Instead of storing water, tankless water heaters use water flowing in your system and heats it up simultaneously to produce hot water.

Choose your heating type

Water heating systemLike traditional water heaters, there are two ways to run a tankless water heater. It can run through the use of gas or through electricity. Both sources heat up the coils, which in turn heat up the water. Gas operated water heaters can last for two decades while electric operated ones can last for a bit more than a decade.

Size and type

There are different factors that determine the size of a tankless water heater. First, because it uses water flow as its source, you never run out of water. If your size is not big enough, it might not effectively heat up multiple fixtures at once.

Before choosing the size of your heater, it pays to determine how often hot water will be used, where it will be installed, and how much will be used at the same time.

Your location is also a factor. If you live in places with colder climates, the temperature of your running water will obviously be colder and would require more heating capacity than places with normal water temperature. Knowing these things can help determine the type and size of water heater to install.

Brand and installation

There are a lot of tankless water heater brands in the market. Doing your research can help you distinguish which suits your needs. Going for trusted brands might be more expensive than others, but you can be sure of the quality they offer. Also, be sure to only have professionals install your heaters. It might be small and compact but a knowledgeable person is needed to make sure that it runs well.

Be a wise homeowner and invest in a tankless water heater not only for easier usage, but also for efficiency.

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