Giving Your Backyard and Garden A Mediterranean Uplift

Taking a vacation to the Mediterranean isn’t much of an option now due to the pandemic, which means most of us are stuck at home with no other choice but to look at old travel photos and daydream about our next getaway.

However, if you’re as determined as we are, then bringing the scenic Mediterranean feel and features into your backyard and garden is not impossible. You just need your imagination and some design know-how.

Here are some tips on how you can achieve a Mediterranean space just outside your doors.

Understanding the Beauty of the Mediterranean

When we say the Mediterranean, we think of the mild winters and warm summers surrounded by lavender, olive trees, and a combination of low-growing plants that create a textured surface. We imagine ourselves relaxing in the shade and with a cold or hot drink in hand, as if to reward ourselves for all the hard work we’ve put into making this year the best possible.

The goal is to capture this feeling and reflect the beauty of the Mediterranean region in our backyard. And while it may seem like a difficult task to undertake, it’s more than possible to transform a basic garden into a Mediterranean hideaway by following key design elements.

Tip 1: Achieving Sun and Shade

First, you’ll want to achieve a contrast between sun and shade, segmenting areas of the backyard into places to relax and where the sun can shine through. Of course, while an honest depiction of the Mediterranean would require a sun-drenched backyard, you’ll want yours to be both beautiful and functional.

  • Relaxing Seating Areas: Shade is vital, and you’ll want to emphasize seating areas where you can spend the afternoon in relaxation. In terms of design style, go for a rustic charm, something plain and simple that resonates with the Mediterranean feel. You could also include an outdoor grilling area; just be sure to use light and warm tones in your build.
  • Pergolas and Trees: As for the structures that will generate shade, you can rely on pergolas, arbours, and trees to do the job. For the pergolas and arbours, you’ll want to stick with timber and ones with climbers or do your best to find an aesthetic reminiscent of the Mediterranean. Cypress trees also make a great focal point or can be used to anchor the design together.

Tip 2: Expressive and Undefined

house exterior

Second, an important principle to follow in a Mediterranean style is expressive, but at the same time slightly undefined. Instead of focusing on picture-perfect individual elements, the overall design comes together and transforms into a scenic vista of the Mediterranean. You don’t want to hold yourself back by focusing on the small details; look at it from the bigger picture.

  • Stone Paving and Pathways: If you bought your home as a house and land package, it’s likely that it has a modern look and a traditional backyard that feature a uniform pathway and an emphasis on symmetry. The same can’t be said for a Mediterranean design. You can get away with using gravel across the entire space as landscaping or feature cracked terrain and stone paving resembling the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Embracing Terracotta: Nothing beats showcasing the Mediterranean region than embracing the beauty and essence of terracotta into your backyard garden. Of course, while we don’t expect you to transform every inch of roofing, you can start with simple terracotta potting and see how you like it.

Tip 3: Bold Textures and Vibrant Colours

Finally, you’ll want to use bold textures and vibrant colours when choosing plants or any other natural structures for your backyard. For plant choice, perennials like yarrows and dahlias help bring a tapestry of colour to suit your sun-kissed garden. You can also consider adding water elements, such as rills and pools if you care for going the extra mile.

Just be careful of overdoing it because you don’t want the plants to overpower the overall appeal of your garden.

It Requires Time, Effort, And A Hefty Budget

As a final note, we want to remind you that taking a landscaping and home design project like this requires a lot of time, a huge amount of effort, and a hefty budget to do it justice. So, if you want to go all out and make it beautiful, be ready with these three things because you don’t want to look at your finished garden and realize you put in all the wrong elements.

Or you can always hire a landscaper to create your dream Mediterranean. Then again where’s the joy in that? You don’t have to do it all-out immediately, start with small DIY projects to incorporate the design elements. Checking for useful tips online will be handy.

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