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How to Safeguard Your Electronics When Moving

Electronics are a centerpiece of the modern day home. They entertain us and make our life convenient at the click of a button. Even though they have become reliable over time, they are still fragile and susceptible to damage especially when being moved from one point to another.

The sheer risk attached to moving electronics is why most homeowners prefer hiring professional moving companies in Broward. These companies have specialized packaging and transport vehicles that will keep your electronics safe through the journey.

Some also let you purchase an insured relocation package to mitigate any accidents. Here are some things you should ensure that your electronics stay safe regardless of whether you will be hiring professional movers or not.

1. Don’t throw away the original packaging.

Many people throw away original electronic packaging as soon as they finish the unboxing. This, at that time, makes sense because packaging box and all the protective padding they contain can occupy a lot of space in your basement or attic.

In reality, that is the worst move you can ever make. Original packaging from the factory is specifically designed to keep that specific electronic safe during transit from the factory to the store and to your house.

The manufacturers are sure that the box will hold the stresses of moving. Banking on it is the best way to keep your valuable equipment safe when moving it too.

2. Get some bubble wrap.

bubble wrap

If you threw away the original packaging or it’s already too damaged to offer any sound support, you should think of investing in some anti-static bubble wrap. Bubble wrap offers great padding to your electronics while keeping away the dust and any moisture.

However, bubble wrap rarely offers any structural protection to fragile glass parts or protruding sections of electronics. It is perfect for electronics that are housed in complete protective shells, for instance, audiovisual receivers, fridges, and microwaves but won’t work well for structurally unstable electronics or even LCD TVs.

3. Get makeshift boxes to form an extra protective layer.

Electronics that need extra structural support, for instance, LCD TVs, you should invest in a double wall box that will add some structural integrity to the packaging. If you are transporting your electronics over long distances, extra bracing using some light wood panels could add extra protection to the electronics.

The chances are that the box might be bigger than your electronics was designed to go into. In such cases, you should use bubble wrap or packaging peanuts to make the electronics fit tighter into the box. Preventing your equipment from moving around in the box will increase your chances of delivering your valuables safely to their destination.

Moving houses is always a great undertaking. If you don’t plan well, it might be the worst day of your life. Busy people always find solace in hiring a complete moving company to take care of all the packing, moving and unpacking so that they can keep on with their lives without worrying about the logistics. This will be a great idea if you don’t want to stress over all the finer details.

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