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Know Why It’s Time to Relocate

Are you planning to relocate your office? Before you do so, you must review your reasons. Relocating can be costly and may take current employees out of their comfort zone and all the things that are familiar to them.

They might have to change the routes they take or move to another city as well. A change of address may also incur additional expenses such as higher rent, new phone lines, transfer of equipment and others.

You will also have to inform your clients and customers about the change. You have to factor these in before making a decision. According to experts on long-distance movers or moving services, here are some of the things that will tell you it’s time to move on.

Decreasing Space

If your company is growing, you’ll have more equipment and employees that will consume office space. The cubicles will become smaller and smaller, tightening sections of your office and making work difficult.

In such cases, you might have to relocate to a bigger place that can accommodate your growing organization. Before leaving, visit the office you plan to move into. Is it big enough for additional employees and equipment? Will it cater to the needs of your company?

The answer to these questions and other pertinent ones will determine your choice.

The Office is Becoming a Health Hazard

Is the office getting old and worn? Does it feel cramped whenever you try to pass between cubicles? If the answer to these is yes, then it may be time to get a new place. Narrow and cramped areas make it easier for viruses and bacteria to spread.

An employee that goes to work sick may pass their illness on to someone else. Tight spaces also make it challenging to work and be productive. If you and your employees feel like the office is too small, it is time to relocate.

Higher Costs

The changes in the neighborhood you are in will affect the cost of the rent. Developers building newer and posh districts around or close to your company will make things expensive for your employees.

You might also incur more expenses if your organization continues to grow and accumulate clients. If costs are rising and you want to maximize profit, look for a new place. Some cities offer lower rent but are just as developed as bigger cities.

Your Company Doesn’t Attract Talent

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A company lives and dies with the talent they have; organizations will go the extra mile to retain the best people. The work environment will make an initial impression on potential employees. You want them to picture themselves working in your office.

Its address and appearance play an important role in enticing them to join you. If your office is difficult to reach, inaccessible to public transportation or far from city needs, it’s time to change the address.

These are some of the things you need to look out for to determine if it is time to relocate. Watch out for these signs and make a shortlist of places you intend to move into. Factor in the size of your company and the address of the new office before moving.

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