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No to Rust: How to Protect the Signage of Your Store

A store’s primary marketing tool is its signage. It is the first thing that customers see from a mile away. So, it is only important to keep it in pristine condition. However, since it endures snow, sun, winds, and rains, it can get pretty beat up.

Here are some tips for keeping your store signage in perfect shape.


If the custom metal signs you have installed in your shop in Utah have been there for half a year already, chances are they are starting to succumb to rust and other corrosive elements. You need to clean them up, get rid of the rust, and wash them with a special solution to make them shine again.

Use Oxalic acid solution or 10% phosphoric acid, and swab the whole sign with this. Let the solution work its magic on your sign for at least 20 minutes. Afterwards, wash the solution away with water. If you use phosphoric acid, wash it first with ammonia before rinsing with water.


You will not be able to avoid leaving fingerprints on your signage, especially if you frequently clean it or you need to adjust its position. To get rid of your fingerprints, use soap and warm water or any organic solvent. You can use alcohol or thinner, as well.

To get rid of the solvents, just use a sponge and wash it off with clean water. After that, you can let it dry on its own, or better yet wipe your sign with a clean cloth. Do not ever use an abrasive cleaner on your metal sign, though. That will leave marks.


If you happen to use an abrasive cleaner, you are now facing another task: removing the scratch marks. If the scratches are not too deep, use impregnated nylon pads and polish your sign after you are done.

If the scratches are a bit deep, however, you might have to use sandpaper. Soak the sandpaper (400-grit type) in a bowl of water. After that, sand the whole surface of the sign, and not just the scratches. It will take you around 20 to 30 minutes to completely sand the whole surface.


graffiti artist in a blue jacket is holding a can of paint

You also have to take into consideration that someone will leave graffiti on your sign. There is always someone in any town that is up for some tomfoolery, so expect that your store sign will get graffiti sooner or later.

But do not worry because all you have to do to get rid of the scribbles or doodles is to use alkaline or any solvent paint stripper that would work with the type of paint on your sign. Use a soft nylon brush or a bristle brush. Do not scrub vigorously; otherwise, you might leave scratch marks on your sign.

Follow the steps above if you want your store’s sign to be in perfect condition all year long. Your signage is your primary marketing tool, and that is why you should do whatever is necessary to keep it in great shape.

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