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Movie and TV Scenes That Would Cost Repairs in Real Life

Movies are a remarkable escape into different worlds and immersive stories. Whether you’re in the mood for action, romance, comedy, drama, or horror, there is always a film to satiate your cravings. Of course, movie magic means that there a lot of big moments we see that were created solely for the plot as an additional impact or a laughing point, but we never see the repercussions. Think about it, how many times have the Friends gang broken their door? Yet somehow by the next episode, it’s all fixed and dandy with no explanation.

That is somewhat understandable, as most people don’t want to see repairs or supposedly “mundane” tasks being focused on. Or at least, they don’t want to see it if it’s not essential to the plot or it isn’t written nicely. A great scene that differed here is from The Help when Skeeter keeps asking Aibileen for advice on her column while the latter continues doing chore throughout the home.

However, there are those movie scenes that, while they may have worked for the movie, would have cost their main characters a costly problem that we didn’t have to see. Here are some scenes and the repairs they would have needed.

“Along Came Polly,” Bathroom Scene

In this romantic-comedy, Ben Stiller’s “Reuben” ends up overflowing a toilet and only making it worse by shoving a cloth napkin down the toilet, presumably after already trying to flush other napkins beforehand. It works as a funny foil moment as he is in “Polly’s” apartment. Still, in reality, as the toilet has already clogged and the water spills out continuously despite his plunging, that’s going to cost Polly a call to the emergency plumber. Although, he would probably have to foot the bill because of his poor flushing habits.

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“Modern Family,” The Dunphy Step

It’s a recurring gag throughout the series that, in the Dunphy household, there is one step on the staircase that keeps making people trip because it isn’t fitted right. Though it is briefly fixed by one of the main characters, Phil, the step becomes even more broken after an episode with an earthquake. In reality, it would probably be a better choice if the Dunphy’s got a handyman to repair the step for good and assess the whole staircase for any structural damage that may have accumulated and spread from that one step that’s caused many trips and falls.

“Power Rangers,” The Destructive Goldar Scene

Perhaps it’s a no-brainer to add a superhero into this list because they always have a way to make things excessively destructive. This particular scene in the Rangers reboot is brief and set in a relatively small section of a town, but you can already see them break the concrete road, flip cars, and crash across roofs. Do the Rangers have a fund for all the roof repairs, car insurance, and road repaving they will have to get?

Movies are fun, but they don’t often show the down and dirty repercussions of these funny or fantastical events. It’s just the age-old trope of offscreen rebuilding. That’s why it’s best not to leave these shenanigans in the real world because the repairs that come after aren’t quite as funny or fantastic.

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