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Practical Plumbing Technologies to Consider for the Home

Your home’s plumbing system is instrumental in maintaining its cleanliness. It is responsible for managing your water source and expelling waste, and these practically demands top-class reliability and performance. A major downtime could spell serious implications for your family. Imagine losing water during the weekdays and not having the means to take a bath or wash dishes. You would need to do something drastic like rent out a hotel to tend to your basic needs.

Whether you have regular or specialty piping installed at home, there will come a time when you have to make checks and repairs to it. Having to deal with various elements like intense water pressure is tied to wear and tear or erosion, so it is best that you set up your own maintenance program or schedules to keep your plumbing running smoothly. You might want to check out these technologies that could be beneficial to you in the long run.

Proximity Sensors

Sensor technology in toilets has been around for a while now, with public places like shopping malls serving as examples. This is mainly used for hygiene purposes. It lessens the number of times people have to touch things before and after washing their hands. But there are more practical implications for this. It helps reduce the number of moving parts, like the levers in toilet bowls or faucet handles. There is no telling how heavy-handed a person can be, so leaving the mechanism to electronics can help avoid quick wear and tear.

Another benefit of the technology is it can reduce your water consumption. Some people like to leave their faucets running while they wash their hands even if they do not need to use it yet. Installing a sensor on your tap will allow water to be given to you on an as-needed basis.

Solar Water Heater

Heating systems are great if you want to be kept warm during the winter months, but they can rack up your gas or electric bills. You can take some load off of those energy sources and instead allocate solar power to your water heater. This way, you can be more liberal with having hot showers, as harnessing the power of the sun will practically drive down your costs for utilities. Using green energy like solar also helps in preserving the environment’s health.

Advanced Diagnostics

plumber fixing drain

When you encounter complicated issues with your plumbing, fixing it could get really difficult. The important part is to diagnose the problem correctly, and you do not want people to waste their effort only to backtrack because they were off their target. There are technologies out there that help in making this process less difficult and less invasive. For example, trenchless detection does not require digging up the soil to reach the pipe. Rather, an instrument can be thrust into the ground to reach it. The said instrument can be fitted with detectors and a camera, which can show you the overall health of the pipe.

On a larger scale, there are major pipelines out there that are already equipped with monitoring technology. These employ fiber technology to deliver real-time data gathering. It makes maintenance more predictive, which should lessen the time needed to repair when problems arise. Here’s hoping that it trickles down to the residential level.

Even if the plumbing system is something that you do not see at all since it is mainly hidden in your home’s walls and crevices, there are still ways you can improve on it thanks to modern technology. You can still squeeze out innovation from it and make things more convenient. It is exciting to see what new ideas will come up in the future and how they will affect people’s lives.

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